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18 Nov 2016

Aremu Afolayan Fires Those Who Murdered ‘7-Year Old Boy’ - 'Poverty Killing Poverty’

I still wonder why people think that guy was 7. Already when things happen, please go on twitter and read from live witnesses. Go on twitter and hear people’s experiences from such in the past. One or two would have experienced it. Almost everyone is on the internet now, life is better. News, happenings comes out fast now. Please note that what they did is absolutely wrong, they would have just held him and hand him over to the police. Now handing him over to the police won’t change his life, hence people must insist he is sent to a corrective home, so his life can turn out better. Actor Aremu Afolayan has however waded into the matter (he got it wrong tho) that guy wasn’t 7 and placed a curse on those who carried out the act. He also cursed the Nigerian Government. But wait let me form posh small, did Aremu actually speak like that? Those Yoruba words are too strong, yepa! What What?? Bro you are razz jor, lol. What he wrote;Koni dafun gbogbo eyin ti e sun omo 7years old (what?) all because he stole something.aiye governmenti naigeria ode ni da. (What why are you so razzm lol)gbogbo awon ti won dawo jo lati pa omoyi,ile yin ma jona ni.i really wish you all no the meaning of poverty and what it turns people to be. #RIP BOI.😡😡😡 #evilnigerians #foolishnaijas poverty killing poverty foolish people ole npa ole😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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