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21 Nov 2016

Aww See How Cute This Lady Now Looks After Losing Weight

A lady who is on the big side but lost few pounds especially working HARD on her stomach region is now flaunting her abs. A quick look at her shows how sexy she now looks even though she is still on the big side. You know the tummy goes a long wayyyyy. She did something, pushed a little and today she is enjoying it. Start something today too, let’s have a sexy world, all sexy Nigerian women, lol.
See what she wrote;

I started my weightloss journey after my health started going down hill very quick. I just had enough and decided to change my life around. I want to live a better life And enjoy things that I had never been able to due to being "too big". Starting tip: Clean out your fridge and pantry out of the junk. No temptations.

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