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29 Nov 2016

D’banj Donates N1m Towards Toke Makinwa’s New Book

Okay Toke wrote a book about her past and she already launched it. The gist that didn’t however get out is that she will make a lot of money from it; writing about her life, s3x with ex, how ex placed mistress above her, bla bla) and some guests at the occasion already made some cash promises. Like someone said online, ‘why should anyone make a financial pledge to launch such a book’, lol biko is it your love story? What Toke wrote about the donation below...

There are friends, and there are FRIENDS!!!!! Dapooooooooo.........We go way back and it's always been support, kindness and more support.
Thank you for your huge contribution to my book #OnBecoming.
You really didn't have to and I know you'll be mad at me for making this public but we'll talk it over. D'banj made a pledge of 1 million Naira, and he redeemed it. Thank you bro cc @iambangalee
Oya blast me now but before you do, let me shout about your own book. You must release it! 😜 cc @teeacomedian

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