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4 Nov 2016

He Is Just Not Into Me | Another Complain.

The guy in question was introduced by my friend and what my friend told me was that she used my pics on her DP then he requested for my number. Then my friend told me and I said she can give my number. He called me and we spoke well – even joked liked we have met.

Afterwards, we started chatting, but I realise we chat once in a while. I mostly initiate the chat and he replies well, but he doesn’t call anymore. The problem is that have grown to like him and I can’t seem to forget about him but I keep doing the chasing and calling.At first I never really paid too much attention to him because I haven’t seen him and didn’t want to be disappointed, but later changed towards him because my friend said he got out of a bad relationship- that his girl left him. So, I was gentle and kept initiating a chat. I ask questions and he replies well but that is all. If I don’t chat him up or call we might not get to talk for weeks. It’s now getting to ten months and I don’t want to continue like this. I asked him about his relationship status he said he isn’t in any. Although he said we should meet, I told him it’s when I come back home because of the long distance. I don’t know what to do again because of the way things are. I have never been this hung up on a guy. I’m a girl that has never been in any serious relationship because I like my freedom, that is why I do long distance relationship, but now I’m a graduate currently serving in the North(Sokoto) but resides in the south-south – the same place as him and my girlfriend
but haven’t gone home since I was posted to the North because of the distance.

I need advice. Is it because we have not seen one on one or he’s just not that into me because I believe if a guy is interested he should do the chasing.
I have met other guys but I can’t seem to forget this guy and move on. Please, what do I do? I am 25 years old who want to have a serious relationship. I’m tired of hearing about my friends’ love lives; my mum complains about me not bringing who I’m dating for her to know – because in our hometown any girl of my age should be preparing for wedding and payment of brideprice by the groom – which is also one of the reasons I didn’t go home. My mum’s issue is the least of my worries but I want to have a happy relationship.
Please, I need help.

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