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15 Nov 2016

“It Is Difficult To Stay Motivated In This Recession” – Opeyemi Aiyeola

​Yoruba actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola urges Nigerians to strive hard for success, even though the situation of the country is not helping and never give up.

Read below;
“Top of the morning! What a short weekend…another day, another week another opportunity……yes, you’ve got another chance to make things right. I know that the situation of the country is not helping, but then I don’t think we should allow it determine how we live our lives.
It’s often difficult to stay motivated especially in the current economic climate. Endless submissions of CV’s, with no replies. Countless job leads that become a dead end. Weeks, months and sometimes even years without successfully landing a job. Yes, the experience of the job search can be quite challenging. I don’t think we should let the hurdles thrown in our way beat us down.
The best time to take action is now…I don’t take NO for an answer! You shouldn’t also.
What you do today determines what you get
tomorrow. Often it takes more guts than skill to open doors. Once the doors get opened, then it’s up to you….where is ur gut? you need to be determined, use the mute key for every voiceIn that keep telling u “u can’t do it, u are a failure” it is just a way of distracting u.
Let’s get that job done this week…get up, go out this week….the best time to start is now.”

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