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22 Nov 2016

Ladies! Understanding What's Going On

Emmanuel's Blog is exposing the secret Leading from PEESHAUN’S GUY-GIRL CODE. We just bring this column in the early days of  Nov. on EB and periodically feature particular issues of guy-girl codes sent in by a good and celebrated writer  Atewo Laolu-Ogunniyi.We hope the EB family Will love this column


Ladies, have you ever being in a situation where you meet a guy, he claims to like you, and overtime you develop feelings for him too, but somewhere down the road you start to realize that you seem to be the one putting in all the effort into the relationship.
He has just suddenly gone into a kind of emotional sleep, being non-chalant and half-hearted about matters concerning both of you. If you are familiar with the above scenario, then this book is for you!

A lot of girls who get into the situation above, hit the panic button, try harder to reach out to him, as he seems to get more and more distant emotionally. Probably sex has come into the picture, so the girl is feeling like she has more to lose, at the mere thought of adding another body count just like that.

She then becomes more clingy, trying to show him she loves him, checking up on him, asking how his day went, anything to just prove her love for him. This is when a girl is in one of her most intense emotional states, and this is when she needs to stop and think!

It’s okay that you are being emotional, it’s your nature, it’s what makes you human and it is the reason why you are so entangled to him. What this smoke screen of emotions doesn’t let you realize though, is that a ‘man’ can be emotional too and all you have to do is find a way to get a grip on his emotions.

Why does it matter if he gets emotional too? Because you can catch a man’s attention with good looks and a sexy body, but that only lasts as far as his desires go. To hold that attention however, you need to engage him emotionally.

By Atewo Laolu-Ogunniyi

is a multi-talented, multi-platinum best selling music artiste, and one-half of the popular "Skuki" music duo.

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