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18 Nov 2016

Photo News: Police Intercepts 3 Suicide Bombers In Maiduguri

Police in the early hours of this morning, around 3:50am intercepted three suicide bombers, two females and one male who had planned to cause havoc. Here’s how the police Spokesman, Victor Isuku narrated the incident.
“By 3:50am today, mobile Police personnel on guard duty opposite the Federal High Court, Jiddari Polo area of Maiduguri, sighted three suspected suicide bombers (two females and a male) running towards their sandbag.“They (Police) ordered them to a halt for questioning. In the process, one of them detonated the Improvised Explosives Device strapped to her body, killing herself and one male accomplice.
“The other female survivor was arrested alive and subsequently handed over to the military for further explanation and necessary follow-up actions.”

He added that:
 “Police bomb disposal units also mobilised to the scene to detonate IEDs that have yet to explode on the bodies of the deceased suicide bombers.”

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