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16 Nov 2016

Photos: Conjoined Twins Born In Enugu Hospital Finally Undergoes Surgery

Months ago, Actress Caroline Danjuma shared the story of conjoined twins born in Enugu hospital seeking for support from Nigerians. Later, an NGO took up the case and secured a free medical treatment for the twins in the US. The mother of the twins shared the good news on social media. What she wrote below..

Good morning Mrs Danjuma we just want to inform that the Lord had has made the the surgical operation of the twins (Testimony and Miracle Ayeni,) successful. And also deeply appreciate your efforts, support and concerns for the twins, God in his infinite mercy will do that which only Him can do in your life in Jesus name (Amen). Once again On behalf of my family we say thank you. ............ may the Lords name be praised forever and ever more.. a big thank you to all the people who stood up for this kids and their parent, to the Ngo that eventually made it possible God bless you .. my joy knows no bound .. my twins are ok .. please say a big thank you to the greatest one who supersede all understanding . Pls note I didn't pay for the surgery.

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