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30 Nov 2016

Photos: When Yoruba Actresses Took Over Mike Ezuruonye’s Movie Premiere

Duh our sisters took over, loooooool. So Mike had the premiere of his movie ‘Brother Jekwu’ at the IMAX Filmhouse cinema on the 27th of November, 2016 and he made sure Yoruba speaking actresses dominated the premiere. Even at his spot it was Fathia Balogun and hot mama Iyabo Ojo that shared the space with him and they looked smoking hot.  See more photos of our sisters taking over below ( I kid, please everyone is our sis o, before people bring tribe into this. It’s just to make the write-up interesting, thank you, lol). Sometimes I like to play on the blog,
like now there are some photos I would have captioned, but then, do any small thing, it’s not even them that will come after you, they can say it in their living rooms, but it’s some of you guys that will start and it gets all tiring. But then, even at that I will still caption these ones, I must. And if you don’t like the captions, you can join in the song, it’s what I am listening to; Baby Pana, they say you like cassava, I get big cassava baby pana..... that’s for those who won’t like the captions tho lol. Photos below please...

I told you all Yoruba... Dayo Amusa, Eniola Badmus, Ruth Kadiri (okay she is mixed, lol)
Yoruba, Mike himself, Yoruba, Yoruba, Okay Ik Ogbonna, lol
 Stunning Mercy                                                                          Hot Aunty Kate
The boys....
I told you they took over lol
Sitting pretty 

Chic.                                                                                            She just won’t age
 Dayo needs to lose it jor                                                               Eniola’s body shape
Aww look at our Big Sam 

talking money?

 And finally uncle 'Nkechi signing out, let the hustle pay' lol (left photo)

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