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11 Nov 2016

Read Adedimeji Lateef’s Most Powerful Message To Fans, It Is So Motivating

Yoruba actor, Adedimeji Lateef who recently revealed how he cried easily on movie sets shared a very powerful message with fans on Instagram.

Adedimeji stressed that worry was a total waste of time and he advised to pray more instead.
Read below:
“Worry is the most ineffective way of handling any issue, I make bold to say that since I was born, I have never seen any problem that was solved by Mr and Mrs worry. You know what worry does to you?

It’s disoriented your mood, destroys creativity and depletes your sense of completeness which comes from within. Worry takes a toll on your relationship and if you are not careful, it’s can destroy your relationship.
I need not tell you that worry takes your rest from you. Worry about the things you cannot change, even if you have the Capacity to change it, why worry anyway. One proven and effective problem-solving technique is prayer, I have never seen a problem it can’t solve.
So today, when u feel you are beginning to get worried, just connect with the Almighty and in a matter of seconds tell God how much you trust him, tell him what you need and thank him for all he has done in the past, believe him bcos he will do above what u have asked him. Have a great week ahead of you. And put a smile on your face no matter the condition.
I appreciate u.
#dimejilovers .”

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