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8 Nov 2016

“Seriously, Getting Pregnant At 17 Changed My Life” – Hilda Dokubo Tells Full Gist

Veteran actress, Hilda Dokubo opened up on her challenges as a pregnant teenager in an interview with YES Magazine and how she began acting.

Read excerpts below:

For those who do not really know, who is Hilda Nwachinaemereogo Dokubo?
(Smiles) – That’s the most difficult question that I’ve always had to answer.
To me, Hilda is a simple, down to earth, very unassuming, such a workaholic, peaceful and peace-loving lady.

Tell us about your family.
My father – Edmund – is late.

He’s from Buguma, Rivers State.

My mother – Stella – is from Umuahia, Abia State. I’m the first of six children.

Three boys and three girls.

What was your childhood like?
Oh! I was very restless as a child. More of a tomboy.

A daddy’s girl. I just guess I was like every little intelligent and inquisitive child.

Now, tell us more about Isosia, your son.
He is a son born out of childish love.

He is a love child.

Two people fell in love in school, they had a child and that was it. Isosia, I want to tell you, is my motivator today.

I draw strength knowing that there is somebody to take care of. Isosia is my miracle, my biggest gift. He is the biggest gift that I have ever received from God.

I love him so much.

Isosia must be happy to read that mummy loves him this much (general laughter).

How was it coping as a single mum?
Isosia made me an adult even when I was still a child myself.

I became 10-20 years older than my real age because of him.

I had to grow up for him. It hadn’t been easy rearing him, both with or without his father.

Has his father been helping out in any way?
I already told you I won’t talk about that.

What about your parents.

How did they take your taking in out of wedlock?
They saw it as one of those things.

Childish love and its consequences.

How old were you then?

Did you ever toy with the idea of aborting the baby or…
(Cuts in) My background couldn’t have permitted that.

I come from a very strong Christian home. That’s one. Secondly, I was too naïve then to have thought about abortion.

I knew nothing about terminating pregnancies. I had no elder sister to advise me and again my age, 17, was too innocent for such stuff then.

For my age then, abortion was scary. And I didn’t want to die after all that I had heard about it. So, I had no other choice but to keep the baby.

If it were now, would you have aborted him?
How did you get into acting?
First, I started as a presenter with NTA, Port Harcourt.

I handled Young Brains, a kiddies’ programme.

This was in the late 70’s.

I started acting as a part-time affair while in form 2 with the Rivers State Council of Arts and Culture. The first play I ever did fetched me a gold gong.

The title is Ebejigba.

From there I kept working and when I was in form 5, they needed more people at RSTV and somehow I was moved.

So, I became their first continuity announcer/news-caster. Meanwhile, I was also supposed to be in the National Troupe at about same time, but it coincided with when my result just came out. And I now had to go to the University of Port Harcourt to read Theatre Arts and since then, I haven’t looked back.

With all these, you can now see that I started as a presenter, then a dancer, singer and today, I am an actress.

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