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19 Nov 2016

Update!, Lisa Masters: Actress & Model From ‘Gossip Girl’ & More Commits Suicide On Peru Trip

Details of how Actress Lisa Lynn Masters who appeared in popular shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty died in an hotel room in Peru have been made known.She was 52 years old.

Investigations have revealed that the actress was battling depression.At the death scene, anti-depressants and two letters which revealed Lisa’s battle with mental health were

discovered.The way she died is a terribly sad way you won’t wish on your worst enemy.

Sadly ,she hanged herself in the closet of the hotel.The actress according to popular website imdb

,enjoyed all kinds of music and dancing.Sh was said to love Salsa in particular,which coincidentally is a popular dance in Peru where she committed suicide.Sadly her love of Salsa and music could not save her from depression.

Plans by family and friends are now underway to bring her body home for funeral arrangements.She had flown to Peru to on a modelling assignment.According to popular site,imdb,she had also appeared on US shows such as Law & Order,Special Victims Unit and Royal Pains.

She had been married to William Brooks since 2004.

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