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Emmanuel’s Blog is one of its Kind platform for Strong Awakened Individuals which we created to update you on the importance of mental health in our daily lives. and to guide you on the right spiritual path in life. We empower our readers with tools to self assess, to elevated thinking and navigate challenging situations wisely, and to find their way to a more fulfilling life and relationships with self and others, in other hand, we also cover each zodiac sign, zodiac secret, personality and compatibility. feel free to read Thousands of article from our certified EsB Authors



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It is so great knowing Emmanuel's Blog Tv platform. i absolutely like your articles and once am online i visit this platform, its really amazing platform. they are honest with their ideas and content, You has enlightened me a lot. but i absolutely love your health tips. it's one in a million. with the help of your quote, i have resonates my inner thoughts so much. your blog is the best spirituality and relationships i most recommend, it is absolutely a good job you are doing. God bless.

Stepsy Crew


Your work and your life quotes have helped me survive my innermost life attacks and problems, i am totally blessed with your platform, just as if you're a magician that already understand my mental and health problems. i have also cope from worries, stress and negative energies around me in life. i appreciate you and your platform. this could be a paid platform but you offered it as a free platform. thanks and blesses

Alaundra Dikese

Nigerian Actress

I am a very big fan of you and all your platform like EsB TV for a reality program, entertainment blog and your mental and health blog as well as your fashion store/blog. i love how your platform uploads new articles and content consistently and daily, this blog is one of my favourites and i will always recommend it to my family and friends. i have turned from positive life to positive now, all this is with the help of your articles and video content. thanks and God bless you. Amen.

Val Cluad

Professional marketer