11 Habits of People with Concealed Depression

11 Habits of People with Concealed Depression

The word depression is becoming more familiar as the clock ticks, it is a web that traps us when we least expected – we had thought it will take a moment to be in it, not knowing we will get stuck in it for ‘almost forever’. The longer we are trapped in its web, the harder it is for us to come out. Many people have come to realized this, so they are left with no option than to learn
how to cover up their depression. Learning to conceal their depression at least (would) save them from their pasts, secrets, failure, pity, judgement, condemnation, and segregation. Gone are the days where depressed people would cry openly or ask to be alone. They have devised means through which they can appear ‘OK’ like anybody else. Depression is a kind of habit itself, and when people want to conceal or drive out a habit, they still have to employ some habits to do so.

Below are the habits practiced by people with concealed depression – I have been in this state before, so I know how it works

They May Be Moderate with Words

People with depression have been to the other side, so they are careful and kind enough not to many people along with them. They mostly choose their words carefully not to upset the listener, they talk moderately and emotional, and they rarely get involved in arguments. The less they talk, the higher the chance they have to keep themselves safe.

They May Play ‘Clown’

They joke so well that they may forget their sorrow, be it on phone or in a gathering. To them, smile is a makeup they run over their depression – so they (would) wear a smiling face always. Even when something is not so funny, they tend to smile, and when it is actually funny, they would laugh big. They appear with a good sense of humor and become a person of coarse
nature and manners. Smile is actually a conspiracy. People with concealed depression are experts in faking smile.

They May Want To Be With People

The feeling in them sometimes want them to talk to friends, to be in the crowd. They would ask for ‘hang out’ and they appreciate it so much if you can make it up to them. It is one of their ways to run away from the dark light in them. You would suspect they are down if you see them sitting alone in the corner of a room, so they wouldn’t want to be seen as a loner, even though they are loner emotionally.

They May Have Abnormal Eating and Sleeping Habits

People nursing depression sleep late or early not because they overwork or they don’t have anything to do– most times, when they wake up, it takes them more than usual to rise from bed. And their eating habits? Some would choose to eat less whereas, some people may become lovers of food, and eat more than they used to. It ranges from individuals. Beyond eating, some may go for some drinking habits, and you see them talking more freely when in their state of “hang over”. Some would even find it hard to sleep.

11 Habits of People with Concealed Depression

They May Choose To Be Workaholic

They won’t let go of their work for the safety of their mind. They would rather get lost in their works than to be in self-pity. They work and bury their head into it to the point of breakdown, this they do to keep their body and mind together to live in a strange world they find themselves. It is wise for them to hide in their professional world than social world.

They Often Live a Simple Life

It is so because they have a different ideology of life from others, they appear being contented with life, and now that they can’t let go of their thoughts, they choose to live moderately. Their lifestyle become a life of simple ‘yes and no’. They expect nothing from life, and would only take what life gives to them.

Moms Ranked From Best To Worst According To Your Zodiac Sign

Moms Ranked From Best To Worst According To Your Zodiac Sign

Moms are irreplaceable. The comforting relationship a mother has with her child cannot be compared to anything else. Every mom is different, but what we may not know is that the difference is partly influenced by their traits and behaviours, which are directly influenced by their zodiac signs. Below is a list of moms ranked from best to worst according to the zodiac signs. Moms Ranked From Best To Worst According To Your Zodiac Sign


The Pisces mom is cool, fun and easy going. They are the kind of moms that allow their children to be themselves and express themselves through creativity. The Pisces mom is full of love, understanding and generosity. These moms always teach their children to respect everything and everyone around them, and also to be selfless and help those in need. Anyone who has a Pisces mom will learn the true act of selflessness. Finally, Pisces moms are always supportive and will stand by you no matter what.


The Aries mom is self-sacrificing and patient. They would gladly give up everything about and around them just to see that you have enough. The Aries mom is also supportive, as they are willing to support you in anything you do and whatever choice you make. Know this, the Aries mom does not mind if she is busy. She will gladly put aside all that she is doing to give you the attention that you need. Although they can be mean sometimes, they always have a good reason for doing so, and they almost immediately regret their actions when they act up.


The Gemini mom is straight forward and honest. Their transparency and honesty is second to none. When you have a Gemini mom, you can be rest assured that they will never hide anything from you. Besides being social media savvy, they are very communicative, and they tend to pass this knowledge across to their children. With a Gemini mom, you will grow up being curious and thirsty for the knowledge around you. Finally, the Gemini mum is fun to be with, and there is never a dull moment with them.

Moms Ranked From Best To Worst According To Your Zodiac Sign


Capricorn moms are the kind of moms that will never give up on their kids. They will always trust in their kids no matter what. When it comes to their kids, they will fight to their last breath to protect their interest and well being. With the Capricorn moms, it is all about sacrifice for their kids. They have such great values, and they transfer such values to their children. Finally, they teach their children to work hard for what they want, and to value other people’s opinion and feelings.


The Taurus mom is a very patient mom. They would endure crazy stuff just for the sake of their children. To some people, they seem too good to be true, but you must understand that it is just their nature. However, no matter how calm and patient a Taurus mom can be, they can be just as stubborn, or even more. One special trait about the Taurus mom is that they never give up. Whatever they set their mind to do, they will accomplish it no matter what. Fortunately, they know when to draw the line in order to avoid spoiling their children with too much love and attention.


Like they strive to find balance in everything to do, the Libra mom also finds incredible balance in their mom duties. They are the kind of moms that will listen to their children’s side of the story just so they can give a fair judgement. Additionally, the Libra moms know when to stop, and when they have said or done enough. Finally, the Libra mom is not that much of a disciplinarian because she wants to be friends with her children. She raises her children to be compassionate and to treat other people fairly and equally. see page 2 below for the rest of Ranks From Best To Worst mom

6 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure Empathetic Soul

Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure, Empathetic Soul

A woman with a pure empathetic soul can be hardly matched by anything else in this world. A woman with an empathetic soul is beautiful both inside and out. She sees things and relates with them differently from others. Sadly, these kind of women often have a hard time finding genuine love. What could be the reason? Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure Empathetic Soul

For one thing, not every man can handle the big, sensitive heart of the purely empathetic woman. In fact only a handful of men are capable of loving them the way they should be loved, and this is why true love often eludes these women. Below are some reasons why most men cannot handle and love a woman with a pure empathetic soul.

below are Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure Empathetic Soul


A woman with a pure, empathetic soul is not looking to have fun or engage in a casual romance. The last thing they want is to fool around with someone all in the name of love or relationship. They are more willing to go into a committed relationship, one that could lead to something permanent. From what we know, most men are not ready for such lifelong commitment. For most men, they would rather have fun while they can, instead of giving all their body, heart and soul to just one woman for the rest of their lives. When a woman knows what she wants, she would not be willing to settle for anything less.


Being empathic means that you will have a certain kind of energy that may not be handled or understood by everyone. Empaths are individuals that have a special kind of energy. Everything about them, starting from the things they do, to the decisions they make is done with all of their hearts. Some people can see them as being too emotional or too passionate, but the truth is that those people simply do not understand how to deal with those energies. The energy seem to scare a lot of men who are in relationships with them because they may come off as too intense. In such cases, the men become scared of the complexity of their being and the energy they possess.


If there is one thing that men seem to love in a relationship, it is the fact that their women or partner is dependent on them to an extent. It makes them feel like the man they are in the relationship because there are certain issues they would have to address on their partners behalf.

However, when a man is in a relationship with an empathetic woman, he should expect nothing short of independency. While this is no threat to their male ego, they still feel that way because they expect the woman to play the feminine card and be dependent on them emotionally, physically and often financially. A woman who carries her own weight in all rounds can make some men feel less than they are, and therein lies the problem.


Women who have pure empathetic souls desire a different kind of connection with their partners. They do not want a relationship that is based on physical aspects and appearances. Instead they crave a deep emotional and intimate connection with their partner. A woman who is empathetic knows the kind of man that she wants, and that is a man who knows the emotional needs of his woman and meets them.

Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure, Empathetic Soul


An empathetic woman and basically all empathetic people have the ability to sense or spot the good and bad in a person. They can sense both negative and positive aura and energy, and that is why some people will not feel comfortable in their presence. Some men find it very uncomfortable being in the same space with these women, and they are scared because their deep secrets and past will be revealed to the women. Most importantly however, they hide from these women because they know that that they cannot deceive such women.

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A woman with a pure empathetic soul believes in true love and is willing to give it. They are not just ready to give their love to just about anyone they meet because they know what they are worth. Being in a relationship with an empathetic woman means full and total commitment from them and they would expect same in return. If a man is not willing to give in fully to her, she would not waste her time going into relationship with him. This is because she knows what she is bringing to the table, and would not be willing to settle for anything less.

15 Tips On How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

15 Tips On How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Love is a beautiful thing, and everyone hopes to fall in love someday. Even more importantly is the fact that everyone wants someone to fall in love with them at some point in time. While falling in love is quite easy, it is not so easy to get someone to fall in love with you. Whether you are a man or woman, you would admit that it is not so easy to get someone of the opposite sex to fall in love with you. It is easier to get a woman to fall in love with you, but it is not so easy to get a man falling head over heels for you. Below are 15 helpful tips to make that man fall in love with you. Tips On How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You


First impression they say, matters. The way you look is so important, and should always be taken seriously. You do not necessarily have to look like a supermodel to get his attention, but paying attention to your personal hygiene most importantly will make a huge difference. As pointers, pay great attention to certain areas of your appearance like your clothes, your hair, and also smell nice and fresh.


Everyone is unique in their own right. There is no point acting like everyone else just because you want something or someone. Although we all have stereotypes of the opposite sex, you do not want to be or act like every other woman out there just to get him to fall in love with you. Instead, make him know that you are different in a good way. Be real and don’t be fake.


Men love getting surprises from their loved ones. They may not tell you, but it makes them know that you care about them. You can either surprise them with a lovely present, or a date night. Anything from your heart will be greatly appreciated.


Compliments are not only reserved for the females. Men love being complimented too. Thelovely thing about complimenting a man is that he will respond in a positive way. By complimenting, you do not only have to focus on his looks, you can also compliment him when he is doing something nice and helpful. Be rest assured that he will appreciate it.


Falling in love takes time, and should not be rushed for any reason. If you want a man to fall in love with you, you must learn to be patient. It cannot happen overnight, so don’t expect it to. The key is to be consistent and patient. If, for any reason, you run out of patience, do not let him know it because it can make you look desperate. With patience, it will likely happen sooner than you expect.


Beauty is one thing that gets a man attracted to you, but one thing that makes sure he stays attracted to you is your intellectual strength. Men love women that are knowledgeable in different things. Try to talk to him about different things and let him know that you are knowledgeable. Show him that you can carry on meaningful conversations with him.


If you want a man to love you, you will have to listen to him. Let’s face it, everyone loves to talk about themselves, and men are no exceptions. Giving him a chance to express himself through words will let him know that you are genuinely interested in him, and it will also give you the opportunity to know him better and find out what he likes and dislikes.

The 6 Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs

6 Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs

Cheating is one of the main reasons why several relationships go south. Whether it is done on purpose or not, you can agree with me that the person cheated on will never feel the same again after being cheated on. Some people say that men cheat a lot in relationships, however the truth is that both men and women cheat in relationships. Sadly, people born under all zodiac signs are capable of cheating, but there are some that are more likely to cheat than others. Below are the 6 zodiac signs that are most likely to cheat on their partners in relationships. The 6 Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs


The pisces is very emotional and super sensitive, and this is what makes them most likely to cheat. Their emotions make them act upon the slightest mood swing. This is to say that if they are upset with you, they can do anything to hurt you or make you feel pain, including cheat on you. Note that they will cheat, not because they want to break up with you, but they do so to stray just because they do not want to leave you. Deep down, they are probably cheating because they are hoping to get caught.


The bubbly and effervescent Gemini can be very needy in a relationship. They want all round attention and if they cannot get it from their partner, they have no problem getting it someplace else. Furthermore, the Gemini likes to have options, and does not really like being tied up with one thing. Their desire to have options stems from the fact that they know they cannot get all they want from one partner. They are content with keeping you around as long as they get that which they want, if it becomes unavailable, they go outside to find it.


A Scorpio will only cheat when they feel or know that they do not have your loyalty or commitment. A Scorpio can be the most faithful partner you have, provided you are faithful to her too. The moment they find out that you have been anything but less than faithful, they will lose and seek revenge. Revenge here means that they will cheat right back. One of the most important things for a Scorpio is the satisfaction of their sexual desires, and they achieve this either by hook or by crook. If they are not getting it from you, they will get it from someone else.

The 6 Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs


The Sagittarius is curious by nature, and they are carefree and wild. They love for the moment and do not like being tied down or being kept in a leash. The Sagittarius has a sexual streak that is just like the Scorpio. They love being spontaneous and wild. Because of their care-free nature they easily get into temptation because they are curious about what the outcome will be like. They will only cheat if they feel caged and under control. The best way to get their loyalty and faithfulness is to let them run free. If they truly care, they will come to you on their own.


Leo loves drama, and live for it. They love attention and must be at the centre of attention at all times. If you want loyalty and faithfulness from your Leo partner, you should be willing to give them all the attention they need and want, and then some more. The moment they feel like your attention is starting to waiver, they will anything they can to get your attention back, and that includes cheating on you.

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An Aquarius partner may not go all the way to cheat on you, instead, she may flirt with others and indulge in activities that would count as emotional cheating. Note that they are smart, open-minded, helpful and loyal to a fault, but this is only if they love you so much. Once they fall out of love with you, they would do anything without caring or bothering how you feel about it. The best way to keep them faithful to you is by not giving them a chance to look elsewhere.

How Guys Like Getting Spoiled By Their Girl Based On His Zodiac Sign

How Guys Like Getting Spoiled By Their Girl Based On His Zodiac Sign

Everyone loves receiving gifts from their partners, and this goes out to women especially. Although most men may not say it or even expect it, they equally like being spoiled by their female partners. Here is how guys like being spoiled by their girlfriends based on their zodiac signs. How Guys Like Getting Spoiled By Their Girl Based On His Zodiac Sign


The Aries man loves gifts. They are not necessarily extravagant, but once in a while, they expect something they can hold on to in the form of a gift. If you present them with a physical gift on their birthday or on any other anniversary, they would greatly appreciate it and feel spoiled.


For Taurus, they are more mentally inclined than physical. Although they would love the idea of a party thrown in their honour, but nothing would make them feel more spoiled than a treatment that is personal. They would feel better with massage and a home cooked meal than a party. For them, the best gift they can get is one that stimulates their mind.


We all know that the Gemini is more savvy and social media inclined than any other sign. However, when they feel down, it shows in their every mood and countenance. One way to get them out of their sullen mood and make them feel better is by complimenting them. Teel him how amazing he is and how he looks great when he smiles. Additionally, Gemini love arts, so tickets to the theatre will make him feel over the moon.


For the Cancer man, it is the little things that matter. Little surprise gifts like handwritten notes stuffed into the pocket of their shirts, getting him matching necklace pendant with yours, etc, will make him feel loved and appreciated. They appreciate little tokens of love and such acts will make them feel spoiled.


The Leo is a sign that is full of pride and the male Leo is no exception. They have such huge amounts of pride and ego, and the best way to spoil them is by stroking that abundance of male ego. The thing with Leos is that the always get what they want, and one of the things they love most is being told how amazing they are. Spoil them with compliments of how unique they are, buy them gifts that are rare and no so common, make them feel special, and lastly, make yourself their biggest supporter and number one fan, and you have given them a gift that cannot be matched by anything else. See page 2 below for other zodiac signs

Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who Thinks She Is Not Good Enough

Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who Thinks She Is Not Good Enough

Inside our minds, we probably criticize ourselves all the time. For some people, it is a normal way of keeping track of themselves and making sure they do not go overboard. Meanwhile, for some others, it is an everyday occurrence. For the latter, they have become so overwhelmed by their inner thoughts and insecurities that they almost have nothing positive to say about

The words we say to ourselves and to others are like stones or rocks, they can either build you up, or they bring you down by shattering you. We see people every day, and we have not the slightest idea what goes on in their minds or what they think about themselves. If we did, we would not have to add to it or make it worse by saying what we think about them. There are people, both men and women alike who look exquisite on the outside, but deep down, they are filled with insecurity on their physical appearance or mental capabilities. It is so much that they cannot take up the decision to do something beneficial for themselves because they believe they will always fail.

Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who Thinks She Is Not Good Enough

Think about this scenario A beautiful woman walks past a jewellery shop and spots a beautiful necklace. She thinks about
buying it but her thoughts say she will never look good in them. Another example is that of a girl who is confused about buying that new dress, but her mind says her waistline is too big for it, or her flabby arms will look obvious in that sleeveless cut. Bottom line, she feels she will never be good enough no matter what she does. Sadly, the society we live in only make matters worse because they seem to promote a certain view of beauty in women. If you are not skinny, light-skinned or petite, you can hardly be seen as beautiful. It is a wonder why some women feel out of place and simply not enough.

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The feeling that you are not good enough is perhaps the most painful feeling in the world, and it does not seem to go away. Fortunately, only you can pull yourself out of such depressing thoughts. Take up the idea of speaking positively to yourself, and seeing yourself in a better light. Other than that, occupy your thoughts with things that matter and surround yourself with people that make you feel better about yourself. Additionally, you must always understand that you are not perfect, and no one is anyway. Dwell more on what makes you special than what does not. And to the general public, think first about the effects your words may have on that person before you say it. Chances are, she has already said worse to herself, and you will only be adding to it.

5 Signs Of Paranormal Ability

5 Signs Of Paranormal Ability

Concept of paranormal ability is a concept of two hearts beating as one, you can’t explain how it happens, but you know it happens for sure. Every paranormal ability defies logic and scientific law. Truly, there is more for eyes to see in this case. The person who posses it and wowed onlookers can’t find words to describe its feeling and modus operandi. In point of fact, don’t bother to explain it lest you lose the magic. 5 Signs Of Paranormal Ability

Below Are 5 Signs That CONFIRM Your Paranormal Ability:


How often do you carry out someone’s intention without being told? As you take your seat in the crowd, a line of sentence that the speaker would later say creeps in to your subsconsciosness, and it is so. You are like ‘how come I knew this statement would be
pronounced?’ If this is taking place repeatedly, then you should know you possess paranormal ability.


Through dream and trance, in a flash, a picture of what would be, the picture of person you are likely to see would appear before you. It could be that the person’s name will be registered on your mind, then few hours later, you either receive a call from them or meet them on road.


It is not that you have B.sc or M.sc in Guiding and Counselling, yet, your judgement sense is accurate. Your inkling would always suggest what is true and right. You smell things before it happens, you know what would be despite being a natural person. If you notice this about yourself, then your ability is beyond normal, it is not common.

5 Signs Of Paranormal Ability


You hardly make mistakes, you make good decisions in good times (when it is right). Say you are a forex or bitcon trader, you will sell your coins before depreciation/undervalue sets in. When something is about to go wrong, your decision will take you out of the hapzard-list that would soon be recorded. As a result of this, people, sometimes, take offence in you and accuse you of not initiating them of what would be that has come to be. It’s not your fault, you can’t explain how you cheat loss or pain either.

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You are not a lover of animals, but there is an unseen synergy established between you and babies/animals that draws them close to you. As odd as it may sound, they are happy to see you and ready to share and reinforce the energy you both identify with. Little kids would smile, give you attention and want you to carry them. Pets too will walk in your direction and walk you to some extent. It is weird, but it is what it is. Your paranormal ability makes you connect them. After all, there is a divine flow beween you and them.

On this note, you should be informed that there is nothing to worry about if you belong to this class, it only means you are unique and special, so appreciate yourself. You are a spiritual person in natural state even when you don’t look like it. Some divine forces are working with/for you and they give you edge above others. Maximize these unique traits by paying attention to yourself and placing value on yourself.
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5 Signs You Are Being Haunted By What You Refused Or Accepted

5 Signs You Are Being Haunted By What You Refused Or Accepted

Have you ever felt guilty of what you have done or could have done? Maybe you turned things or someone down, and within you, you feel remorseful. You can’t tell why you feel this way. 5 Signs You Are Being Haunted By What You Refused Or Accepted

LIfe happens, and sometimes, our poison seems to become meat, and our meat become poison. Many will attribute this to incapability to make decisions, but NO, it is not so. No one will be able to maintain his decision in life if life makes a total 360 0 turn-around. And when life turns around, everything in it (including people) adjusts. So, don’t ALWAYS fault yourself for being poor in decision making.

There is a way life itself teaches us never to say never, in some cases, all we need is just an encounter, and our dislikes will replace our likes. One incident is enough for one’s opinion to change, people change after some incidents and remain haunted by what they avoided or refused, cowardly or bravely. We never know we could be haunted by what we are about refusing or accepting, but now you should know.

In life, many unsaid words could come back to haunt men, it’s not only spoken words that haunt people, one’s inaction too at a point or another may make a man shivers, and become unrest. Thus, whatever people do afterwards, they do with little focus or no focus.



Unconsciously, you find your mind roaming on what you have gone through (experienced) and you can’t help than to think on it, even without known reason. Few questions of ‘maybe’ flood your mind, you have said ‘no’ when you feel like saying ‘yes’ you thought it is not a big deal, but now it is becoming a deal. Why do you still get lost in thought over seemingly settled matter? It is so, because you are being haunted by it.

5 Signs You Are Being Haunted By What You Refused Or Accepted


Do you have that little fear concerning what you have declined or accepted? Here, it is not that you are reminiscing over your activities that have come along, but you have this faint fear over a particular that questions your decision making, you sense you are not safe with your decision and you end up saying to yourself ‘hope I am right’, if this is you, then you are being haunted by that very thing you have accepted or declined.


How it slips into your subconscious mind is still what amazes you. You never thought your inner force will talk about it even in your sleep, but there you are, being tortured with its thought in your dream and awakened by it. You are being caught in-between your made decision, as it is irreversible. If you feel this way, it tells what you did or could have done is haunting you.


Do you seldomly or constantly find yourself mistaken your said ‘no’ for ‘yes’. You had thought you said yes, so you go on to do things you would have done if you say yes, where as, you said no. This is so because your lips (mind) have said what your heart did not say. Many people experience this too, and little did they know, just like you, that what they did accept or refuse is haunting them.

5 Signs You Are Being Haunted By What You Refused Or Accepted


Say it is possible to turn back the hands of clock; this, many people will do, and we will do so more than one. How many regrets have filled up your life in the past 72 hours; was it as a result of what you refused or accepted? Many thoughts of ‘how I wish!’ would creep in, as you silently pray for a possible second chance to come your way. Maybe or maybe not- who knows if it will come?

However, if you find yourself in a helpless situation as such like this, then you should know that your made decision is haunting you.

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On an end note, I would like to tell you that:
Come what may, people have options, always more than one. Some tend to say they don’t have alternatives, this is so because people can get blinded in heat of situations, we tend not to think straight, and we do so, blindly, after all, matters have overwhelmed us and we become desperate. That being explained!

Be critical in thinking and in the decisions you make, knowing fully well that, you will be responsible for your decision becoming action that could come back to haunt you. Be skilled in decision making, refuse to play blame game if your decision backfires, don’t stay in the poor decision you have made, rather revel in the good decisions you have made over time and hope for many of it to come. Always trust your gut, this is the only way you will not lose your magic. I have never seen a magical man that is not BOLD. And more importantly, don’t be afraid to make mistake, and its second of it is, FORGIVE yourself where need be, and do so quickly lest you make many mistakes (poor decisions).

Why Very Sensitive People Are Chameleonic

Why Very Sensitive People Are Chameleonic

Hey! Do you know that hyper-sensitive people can be whatever they can be? Better put, they can be whatever you want them to be. Not that they are dummies that will live for you and always obey you, but your attitude towards them can either make them love or resent you. Why Very Sensitive People Are Chameleonic

When they love, they do so with everything within them and when they resent, they resent heartily. No one is friendlier than them, also, no one can be more dangerous than them- eve though they don’t want to- – they know they are going against their nature when they do. It is worth pointing out that they will give people many benefits of doubt before they go hay-wire, and are ALWAYS open to reunion.

They are good listeners and they are the best friends any person out there can ever have, but they can be otherwise if they come to know that you are taking them for granted. It is not hard for them to know, after all, they are the most observant people you can ever find. They respond and adapt faster to both internal and external stimuli (happenings), thus, they can be delicate, I mean they ARE pretty delicate. They are easily forgiven, they are easily offended too.

This is who they are, they are beautiful like that, that’s how they make world a better place like for all. They are like people with blood O+, anybody that values quality friendship, and wants to be loved need them. They also want you to love them in return.

Of a truth, they are that type of partner that thrive in ‘word of affirmative’. They are always ready to climb on top of hills to repay your love and kind gestures, People betray them, yet they don’t betray people.

Why Very Sensitive People Are Chameleonic

They are voice to the voiceless, they don’t mind having a cracked voice as they raise their voices for others. They want peace and equality for the world, you don’t have to trust them enough before they trust you blindly. Mostly, they are on the receivng side; people exploit and abuse their nature.

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If you can find anybody that exudes the qualities stated above around you, then thank your luck, be sure that you have the best partner everyone wish to have. Love and appreciate the person, after all, it is obvious that the person will do much more for you in return. And, if the bridge you share with this particular person is burnt, show effort to build one again. You will be shocked to know that the forsaken person is glad to have you back with open arms, I tell you, you are in safe hands, if you do so.

The 4 Most Important Questions Of Life Everyone Who Wants A Better Life Should Ask

The 4 Most Important Questions Of Life Everyone Who Wants A Better Life Should Ask

WHO?’, ‘WHERE?’, ‘WHY?’, AND ‘HOW?’

It’s always been this way- from childhood, to adolescence, and adulthood, man has always been in dilemmas [in face of] many questions that needs to be answered. They want answers for these questions, desperately. Some are lucky to find meanings to
their questions, early enough and some are still in helpless situation as many questions linger on their mind, with no answer yet, These unlucky ones see life as a mystery and mistake, they can’t comprehend it and as a result, they can only do little or nothing in their lifetime. The 4 Most Important Questions Of Life Everyone Who Wants A Better Life Should Ask

“Life is characterised by man’s mistakes, and these mistakes come to be as a result of many unanswered questions in a man’s life”

  • OLA Wordsworth

If you can provide REAL answers to the questions of life that would be discussed below, then I assure you that your mistakes in life will no longer be damning and you will less record of mistake. After all, every man is a slave to what they cannot comprehend.

A good life sounds okay, but a BETTER than GOOD LIFE is a more complete life- DESIRE IT!

Below Are The Questions You Must Answer, That You May Live A Better Life:


Even at the end of World war I amd II, most people, today, are still fighting intrapersonal conflict, it is battle of identity, which is a personal one. This is the way it has always been with us, the consistent struggle in giving our face a name. Of many questions that man has to answer, this comes first, and it is the most important question of life every man has to answer, if you can provide real answer to this question, then you are already on your way to land of fulfillment.

Inside life, if you don’t give it a name, people will name it for you, and you would end up having no option than to answer the name they call you. Self Discovery gives you reason to live. If you can provide real answer to this very important question WHO AM I?‘, then you already have 50% chance to truly live. After all, the proper function of a man is to live and not to exist.

Out of fondness and early promises you flashed, people (parent, well-wishers) would want to give you a befitting name, and give you a face value. Even though they are doing so in good spirit, sometimes they end up giving wrong identity. If you refuse to dream, people will dream for you, don’t get lost in what they call you. Be critical in searching yourself out, lest you live a life that does not belong to you- a fake life.

The 4 Most Important Questions Of Life Everyone Who Wants A Better Life Should Ask

The very answer to this will provide many answers to some questions like ‘WHY AM I LIVING?’ and some others.

Get this right and you will not fool around. See page 2 below for the rest of the article

7 Things She Does That Tell You Are His Obsession

7 Things She Does That Tell You Are His Obsession

To start with, I must say you are lucky man to be her obsession, every man wants a woman that wants nothing else, but her man, only. All she wants is you- -your presence, your attention, your kindness in words and gifts, your simplicity and innocence. She is just fond of you, she can’t help it, she can’t control herself, before you occupy her, she has preoccupied herself with you, she can’t resist what she feels for you, her heart melts when she meets you, she develops goosebump at the mention of your name, she has a wet eyes at your departure. You are her temptation, and she does not care how many times you exploited her. When you are not with her, she keeps your thoughts and still can’t have you enough. There is no her without you, she sings your name all day long in presence of friends.

She Will Always Do This If She’s So Much Into You:

1. She Asks You Questions

Questions ranging from what the future holds, ‘who is that person?’ to how you plan going about it: you don’t need to ask her, she would bring the questions to you. I just hope you will be polite enough to give answers to her questions accordingly, and with all honesty. Don’t be angry seeing her asking you random questions. She is right to do so, because she is not thinking outside your option. You are the only option she’s got, not that she lacks options, but she is determined to have just only you.

2. She is Fond of Cuddling You

Indoor or oudoor, she holds you close, she loves touching and palming you, she hangs around you, like a pussy. She is not the one that practises social distancing while you are around, she keeps you in check with eye contacts, eye you with her smiles, and sway you with her grinning face. What a joy to behold!

3. She Wants You To Be Seen Together

She is not afraid to let people know about your love affair, she is proud to have you and won’t stop telling the whole world you are hers. She invites you to a family reunion in her place, she proposes to come along with you when she learns you want to go out, she wants to hang out with you.

7 Things She Does That Tell You Are His Obsession

4. She Has Your Time & Will Not Keep You Waiting

She is never tired of hearing from you, and would not keep you waiting. She replies SMS, chat messages, and return calls promptly (at the earliest possible time). She would leave you a message and call to check on you. It is not a shame to them to reach out to you more than you do. As heavy as her activities could be, she always has a spared time for you- -she is there when you are together and when you are away from each other. OMG! I love it.

5. She Listens To You

She becomes a good listener while with you, and would always give you her rapt attention, she trusts you with secrets about her even as she has proven to be a good confidant to you. She seeks for your opinion on matters and tell you things, She is doing so because you occupy a place of honor in her life, she wouldn’t do that to everybody. So don’t foul and judge her when she tells you matters.

6. Things About [and Concerning] You Becomes Her Favorite

She wants to be in your world, and whatever concerns you give her concerns. She affiliates with your relations [family], she takes interest in your people and things, she loves your world and want to ger herself acquainted with your world, after all she plans being your queen. and want to know what is expected of him to be your eligible and accepted queen.

7 Things She Does That Tell You Are His Obsession

7She Nags When She Smells Other Women

Never in your mind think she feels insecure by questioning you about other ladies, far be from it. She is doing so that you may recommit your love to her, she is doing so because she wants you to give her assurance. She is putting everything into your relationship with her- body, soul and spirit. So, it is okay for her to get emotional and clear her doubts, you have to let her know your love for her is unwavered. Let her jealous, please.

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It SOMETIMES sucks and pisses a man off that a lady is doing all these and would not give him space. Regardless, every man should be grateful for having someone like that in his life. You would definitely MISS HER when she’s gone, I tell you. Enjoy her drama while it lasts, compensate her with true love. She is your NUMBER ONE FAN, full time.

Lovers Will Do These 5 Things If They Are No Longer Interested In You.

Lovers Will Do These 5 Things If They Are No Longer Interested In You.

Lovers who is no longer enjoying the romantic life they share with you will exhibit some new traits that will be discussed below, it does not matter if they have sidechick or another love partner. Many people would say if your lover is acting weird with you and not flowing, then they have a new person in their life, as much as this is true, it is not always true. They might not be into another person yet, but still want to crap the relationship they have with you. Some are reluctant to tell you point-black about the new decision they make concerning the relationship they keep with you, so they act it out, instead of voicing it out.

It could be that the reason why they don’t tell you right away about the new decision is because they want to be sure if they are making a good decision about it. So, they are still watching the situation closely, they want to make sure they are not making a grave mistake, so they want to know.

Regardless, a smart lover would take note of new development that is taking place in their partner, and sit right where need be, and better still, creates a good time to hold heart-to- heart conversation, to smoothen tension and reach a compromise, whatever the case may be.

It is better to see it coming, than receiving the shock of your life in an unpleasant way. Read on to learn those things you need to know the heart of your lover, sometimes, what they say is different from what they do. At a given time in any relationship, it is no longer about profession [what they tell you], but the action they exhibit. There is need to pay attention to
what they do, much more than what they say.

In this article, we won’t talk about the very obvious signs a lover would do to terminate their romantic relationship, let’s say ‘Ignoring phone calls/chats/SMS’, ‘Quality time Strike’, ‘Less Compliment/Appreciation’, ‘Meting out anger/hatred on partner’, ‘Giving Excuses & Avoiding Explanations’, and few others. Rather, we would be telling you the rarest behaviours of a lover who is seemingly not taking interest in you, anymore.

Lovers Will Do These 5 Things If They Are No Longer Interested In You.

Below Are The Rarest Behaviours Your Partner Shows That Tell They Want Out


As strange as it may be, the person considering break up would keep eye contacts [more than one in a meeting]with their partner, a dark one though. They feel like saying ‘I want out’ but no courage to do that yet. Looking at your smiling face and do a ‘sigh’, thinking how would they handle it, thinking about how your smiling face would soil up with tears and mucus. They look at you, unconsciously, sometimes you will notice it but you could never think what they are thinking for you in their minds. They keep eye contacts when they are in love, they also keep eye contacts when they want to opt out too.

7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex

7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex

We are by-products of what we do – those things we do consciously and unconsciously have a way they take effects on us, with or without our approval. One thing leads to another. Poor thing, we don’t know our actions can also make us weak. 7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex

Many people out there have been inflicting another form of Self Harm as a result of unending intrapersonal conflicts they battle with – it is a very dangerous form of conflict any man can have. As a result of this conflict, people, by themselves plot their downfalls as they get weak easily, they are unable to do anything because of fear, they don’t want to die, yet they are afraid to live: these and many more is what inferiority complex is capable of doing to every man who honors its invitation by their habits.

These Are 7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex:


Focus on your life, and don’t get lost in the lives of others by always desiring what they have. Look within, there’s something in/about you have that they don’t have. If you can see this and put it in use, then you will have an edge over them and thus your self- dignity will be restored successfully. It’s good to look on others for motivation, but you will be harming yourself if you lose yourself in the name of finding another person. We might be born equal but really, we are not equal. Just be contented with your life and appreciate both whole and pieces
part of your life.


Many people out there do not like who they are, in every sense, they had like to be someone else, so they go far and undergo plastic surgery just to be like someone. They hate everything about themselves – their face, career, immediate family, hobbies and others. Maybe you are not good, but you are not the worst either. No one even has the right to call you bad, until you call yourself. Even the person that is dubbed the best has a person that is ahead of him. So, love yourself enough.


You would not forgive yourself, it is true you have made a grave mistake, everyone makes mistake, but they won’t shout to the world to make their mistakes known to the world, also, they’ve learnt to move on, knowing fully well that they are humans. You are not that bad as you claim to be. At a point in time, every man will see some things they could have done better- it’s natural, don’t condemn yourself to your mistakes


Critics are always there for you – how long have you been wallowing in bad comments they say about you? You just have to ignore those who has no belief in you, those who badmouth you. Stop taking negative words to heart, REMEMBER YOU ARE ONLY WAHT YOU CALL YOURSELF, AND NOT WHAT OTHERS CALL YOU. Ignore haters and those that will never see good things about you.


You are depriving yourself to do many things because of your fears that are not real – fear to live, fear to die, fear to smile, fear to scream, fear to think independently, fear to buy. You are afraid that you will be judged. It’s time to be bold to live, bold to die (making decisions), bold to smile, bold to scream, bold to be yourself and enjoy your freedom.

7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex


You don’t know your worth – your values, so people exploit and abuse you. There’s a boundary you have to set, there’s a way you should leave that will make people to clothe you with the honoraries you deserve. Set boundaries, set rules, this does not mean you are not tolerant, but sometimes, you need to check people lest they take you for granted. Let people know your ‘YES’ and ‘NO’.

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It is not good to be alone, always. Mingle and keep company that will make you better. You can’t live alone, you can’t live all by yourself -you need people to walk with you. It is too dangerous to keep to yourself, inferiority complex of the first grade is obtained in the state of isolation. It is good to have time for yourself, to be alone, but not all the time. Not all people are bad, carefully select your company and enjoy life.

Knowing and avoiding habits that cause inferiority complex protect you and cause you to live a better life, it will lead you to exciting paths of life. Do these and you will say your byes to low self-esteem, depression, fear, self-pity, and get yourself redeemed from inferiority complex. A better life is here for you.

15 Ways To Tell If A Couple Is Doomed

Everyone knows that a good relationship requires hard work and commitment. However, it does not mean that you would have to go through hell to see it become a success. It is easy to tell when a couple is happy in their relationship, and it is also easy to spot a couple that is in a doomed relationship. Below are 15 signs that tell you that a couple is doomed:


One of the signs of a true and happy relationship is honesty from both partners. When one or both partners are not being honest with each other, it is a very bad sign, one that can lead to them splitting up or a breakup in the future.


Disrespect is a bit similar to dishonesty. The difference is that, when there is disrespect, there is no regard for the other person’s emotions or feelings. If there is disrespect between partners, one or both of them acts however they want, without a care on how the other would be affected. On the contrary, a couple that is committed to their relationship will never do anything that can hurt
the other person’s feelings.


If a couple is truly committed to each other, they would always love and enjoy each other’s company. Sadly, when a couple or a partner is constantly looking for ways or opportunities to stay away from the other person, then there is a big problem. You both might be living together, but if the emotional bond is not there anymore, you will not want to enjoy each other’s company anymore.


Trust is one of the major qualities of a good relationship, just like respect and honesty. When trust is destroyed in a relationship, it can never be the same again. A relationship or marriage without trust is clearly doomed to end up in divorce or breakup.


In every relationship or marriage, there are bound to be misunderstandings or conflict. This stems from the different personalities, the different background, different upbringing and different ideas of the partners. The issue is not how well you argue about your misunderstanding or conflicts, but how quickly you resolve them. When you run into a conflict with your partner, you should be able to resolve them together with no further problems and with both partie satisfied. Inability to do this means there is no understanding and communication between you two.

15 Ways To Tell If A Couple Is Doomed


There is hardly anyone in this world that has not gone through one or more previous relationships before finding that one person you decide to settle down with that one special person. No matter how many previous relationships you have been in, the important thing is to cut off the person when you are over. There is really no need hanging on to an ex, maintain close relationship with them when you are involved with someone else. It will always bring problems in the end.


When you are married or in a relationship, you certainly should not have any business being attached to anyone or anything else besides your partner. Some marriages and relationships fail, not because the partners are not committed to each other, but because one party has an unhealthy attachment or obsession to something or someone. For some people, their attachment is to their family, and for some others, it could be something else. In this case, the other partner feels threatened and unimportant, and this could lead to resentment.


Everyone is unique and special. The sooner you realise this, the better and easier it will be to manage your relationship or marriage. Any marriage in which one person is constantly comparing the other partner to someone else is a failure. The moment you start seeing someone else as better than your wife, husband or partner, the moment you set the clock to the end of your union. When you start thinking this way, it will be easier for you to cheat. See Page 2 for more Ways To Tell If A Couple Is Doomed