The 5 Keys To Raising A Responsible Child (Instead Of An Entitled One)

The 5 Keys To Raising A Responsible Child (Instead Of An Entitled One)

Parenthood is an important aspect in the name of family. Every parent should be reminded that they are not just raising their sons and daughters; they are raising somebody’s husband/wife and somebody’s father/mother. It is the duty of parent to raise their children in the best way possible with mora, social, physical and spiritual effects; to raise their children to be good women and men because the time will come that the children will stand alone to make their choices in life. meanwhile, the upbringing they received will somehow affect their choices in life – for the good or bad.

So we can as well say a child’s upbringing has a large say to the child’s future. At a point in time, the children looks up to the parent for social, financial, moral, spiritual, emotional and physical supports, but in few years to come, it is bound to happen, that the table will turn around, the parent will now be the one to look up to their children for social, financial, moral, spiritual, emotional and physical supports. Even if you are very wealthy as a parent, you won’t say no when your children offers you physical blessing since you know it is one of the blessings of parenthood; you will rejoice and revel in them no matter how small the gifts are. It gives you a moment money cannot buy. This is the time you will reap what you have sown over the years, even as a parent.

Many things are at stake when you don’t give your child a proper upbringing – the child’s dream (future), the future state of the society they live in, the life of their husband/wife/children, the group/company they will belong to, their friends and family. As a parent, I’m very sure you would not like to put all these in jeopardy because of your parental error.

Below Are 5 Keys To Raising A Responsible Child:

1. Preparedness For Parenthood

Preparedness is the way to go; it is a key factor to raising a child. It is the number one thing required of you to do; it is a means of parent working on their strength and weakness. It helps you to know how to handle the challenges that come with raising your child without getting frustrated. Nothing beats preparation, nothing can replace it.

It helps you to equip yourself with necessary abilities and emotions that will help you to discharge your parental duties brilliantly, after all you can only give what you have; you can only teach what you know. When you are aware and conscious of the roles to be played as a parent towards raising a responsible child, you will take some precautionary measures in the face of potential failures as a parent.

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7 Advantages Of Being An Introvert

7 Advantages Of Being An Introvert

Introversion which highlights the quality of being introverted pays; it has some benefits no one else can enjoy unless you are one (an introvert). Introverts focus primarily on their own mind, feelings and affairs. They are quiet, not that they are truly timid. They are reserved and they are loners. Perhaps people see them as disadvantaged people (people think for them that they are missing out on a whole lot of things since they are not sociable or outgoing like others). Little did they know that there are benefits attached to ‘preferring the internal, satisfied with self, lacking interest or comfort in social interactions.’ People might tend to put a label like stigma on them as if their personality is nothing to write home about.

Introverts would withdraw from taking the centre stage but that does not mean they are less ambitious; it does not mean that they are not stars. They only chose to lead from behind, they only want their voice to be heard without knowing who the speaker is. This is a customized way of life for them; a culture that is most comfortable for them; a life that makes them thrive better.

You are lucky if you are an introvert. Also, you are lucky if you have an introvert as a friend or colleague, you have them to complement you just like they have you to complement them. Introvert or extrovert – none is better or greater; they both have their strengths and weaknesses. However, this post is all about the good reasons of being an introvert. If you are an introvert, you will get to know the uniqueness about you (you will learn your strength), and if you are not, then you will know the potentials in your friend or colleague who is an introvert has while you appreciate their difference.

Below Are What Introverts Are Enjoying:

1. Introverts Are Always Be In Control

Introverts will always be in control of situations even though the situation is becoming unpleasant, they don’t get agitated and will always temper their cool when things are going south. The serenity around them oozes peace and rest, they are calm figures. In the midst of uncertainties, they will never become unrest or lose their sanity. Being like this helps them to know how to take the advantage of the situation even though it is unpleasant. Not that they don’t worry, but they have mastered the art of worry to use it to their advantage.

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5 Signs You Are Born To Be A Spiritual Healer

5 Signs You Are Born To Be A Spiritual Healer

Spiritual healing birth spiritual awakening; it is important that every soul experience soul cleansing. At some point in time, every soul will be hacked with impurities as a result of negative energies that encounter them. people fall sick because of reasons that are obvious and those that are not obvious. We might never know the actual reason why someone feels tired and weak, sometimes, it is not because of their daily heavy schedules that need their attention.

Spiritual healing takes place in three dimensions; the dimension of the body, the soul and the spirit that brings about a complete healing. There is a person who needs spiritual healing and there is a person who can heal. Self-awareness is key to knowing who you really are. You need to know if you are really one; you have been experiencing some feelings you can’t explain due to some inherent values you don’t know about.

Below Are Signs That You Are Born To Be A Spiritual Healer:

1. You Are So Empathetic

Your level of empathy is so great that you will always offer to help people around you. A spiritual healer possess this great virtue, something moves them in the name of compassion to attend to people that are not feeling too well physically and emotionally. You are never too tired to come out of your shell to show empathy for others and attending to their ailing feelings. You can tell the feeling of a person and understand their thoughts.

You have the inbuilt paranormal ability to psychically read another person’s emotions and feel burdened to meet people’s need.

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5 Markers Of A Decent Man That You’ll Never See In A Narcissist

5 Markers Of A Decent Man That You’ll Never See In A Narcissist

When we talk about decency, we are talking about having a suitable conformity to basic moral standards; showing integrity, fairness, or other characteristics associated with moral uprightness. There are men; amongst men are ‘the decent’ and ‘the narcissist’.

In the name of relationship (social or romantic), people are being careful of who they let into their lives – would this person handle (relate) with me roughly or with care; can I trust him enough with my health and emotion; won’t I regret the decision of opening my heart to him? These and many more are likely concerns people thought about in the name of making acquaintance in whatsoever capacity.

Going forward, there are some people you would love to give a benefit of doubt. Though it is at your risk, but you do not want to rule out a good choice that you might probably be proud of as things unfold. It is not just okay to look out for yourself, it is important to do so because your (mental and physical) health, influence, emotion are few things you would put on the line.

People that ended up hanging out with narcissists never intended doing so, they just find themselves in relationship with them; they never knew they are narcissists.

Below Are Pointers That Reveal A Decent Man:

1. He Talks Politely

A decent man is a man with courtesy, his tone of communication speaks volume and is one of the markers that birth a difference between him and a narcissist. He is short of vague and uninspiring words. He is respectful in his words and would not cause emotional pain to others. He talks to correct and not to condemn as narcissists would do.

A decent man would always give people a benefit of doubt and would not judge or criticize blindly, if they have to. His words are comforting and not hurting.

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Signs You Have A Negative Spirit Or Entity Attached To You And Ways To Get Rid Of It

Signs You Have A Negative Spirit Or Entity Attached To You And Ways To Get Rid Of It

There are people with negative vibe in them, it so obvious that negative spirit keeps their company and it (the negative spirit) is stopping them in doing many things they had wanted to do. It is normal if the way is not always smooth; expressway will always have bump. Sometimes, we can’t help our plans from being thwarted under the influence of natural force.   

Below Are Signs That A Negative Spirit Is Attached To You:

1. Bad Luck

What has been working for others stop working when it is your turn – you don’t know how and why it happens but it always happen. Luck is not always on your side, and you always find the ride tough where others are catching fun with their rides. Misfortune always happen when you are almost arriving your success; a setback (an undesirable event) will affect your chances.

It could be by your mistake or the mistake of others. Though most times you suffer bad luck is not your doing; it mostly occurs as an unexpected event with negative consequences (for you) occurring without your intention, even though you are the one that will suffer the consequences.

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6 Ways To Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels Naturally And Never Feel Depressed Or Anxious Again

6 Ways To Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels Naturally And Never Feel Depressed Or Anxious Again

Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that makes us feel good (elation hormone). Having the right amount of dopamine is important for both the body and the brain. Dopamine helps nerve cells to send messages to each other, dopamine is responsible for allowing us to feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation.

Though the level of dopamine must be in the right amount; it must not be too high or low. You need a considerable amount of dopamine to keep yourself away from depression, when your dopamine is low, depression will set in. Dopamine also plays a role in controlling our memory, mood, sleep, learning, concentration and body movement.

These Are Ways To Charge Your Dopamine Levels Naturally And Effortlessly

1. Stay Positive

Negativity is an enemy of the mind which destructs normal production of dopamine. Being positive helps the dopamine level to stay at its normal level. The mood you are in greatly influence your state of mind and physical health in general. To charge up your dopamine level naturally requires you to be present in your situation and to be in tune with yourself. And this will only happy when you stay positive. The more you do this, the more your dopamine level will shoot up and shift you farther away from state of depression and anxiety.

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5 Strange Behaviours Of Authentic Empath

5 Strange Behaviours Of Authentic Empath

There are empaths and there are empaths; some people have some traits of an empath in them that qualifies them enough to be called an empath. And there are people that can be called full-fledged empaths. Their ways of administering care and exhibiting their empathy run deeper and differently, so this post would be concentrating on people who are empaths to the core. Read on to know if you come under in this category, and maybe you would love to grow into a full-fledged empath.

Authentic empaths have a deeper way of expressing ‘things’ about them. In most cases, they respond just accordingly to what they feel without making them pass through the process of modification.

Let’s Look At The 5 Ways Of An Authentic Empath

1. What They Feel Is Sharp

The feeling and compassion you feel to a situation and person is so intense and would not wash away even if you excuse yourself from the surrounding and people. What you feel is so strong compare to others that would get through it in a matter of time. Your emotional absorber works at a weird and confounding level, it makes them feel severe as they can’t afford to stomach negative energies.

Some other empaths would let go after a while; the feelings and desires do not last too long for them.

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The Daughter Of A Narcissist Mother

The Daughter Of A Narcissist Mother

A daughter raised by a narcissist will be a friend, colleague, wife and mother like no other. It will be evident that she was raised by a narcissist mother. people are easily shaped and influenced by their environments during their formative years. They naturally accept and believe that what they experienced is the normal pattern and order of the world, so they also do as they are trained and taught.

There will always be a deposit of childhood in every adult – and those deposits are influencers that will affect their decisions and relations in life.

What Will Become Of A Daughter Raised By A Narcissist Mother?

1. She Is Independent

Growing up, she has learnt and trained in a hard way to look after herself with little or no support from older figure that mirrors her. Her being independent can be beneficial in some aspects; she makes her to be less clingy and to have her own will without minding the opinion of people in her life (be it husband, friend or colleague).

On the other hand, her state of independence can spell ‘threat’ to the important male figure in her life. Behaving independently in relationship might send the wrong signal to her man that she does not need him; that she can do without him as she will feel reluctant to carry him along in all her plans and doings.

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5 Things ONLY Old Souls Can Understand

5 Things ONLY Old Souls Can Understand

There are souls and there are souls: Every people you come across (young and old) are sometimes not who you think they are. Amongst them are old people that are young at heart and seemingly young people with old souls. You will be able to spot them on if you are observant and attentive enough. The way they go about doing their things; the way they talk; the way they think are done in a notable way.

Have you ever found out people who are weird in one way or the other? You must have noticed something out of the ordinary before you find them strange. Old souls are found weird sometimes, if not always.

Old Souls Are With The Understanding That…

1. That The World Is Being Recycled

Only old souls get to know that world today (the life) is only an upgraded version of what it was centuries ago. It is a repetition of what it used to be, the difference today is that it comes in a different color and flavour. Only old souls know that there will always be a part of today in future of centuries to come just like there are old handwritings (of ages) on new (today’s) wall.

In every generation, it has been new people but with old practices. This age is only reprocessing what has happened years back in a dynamic and modified way.

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8 Unusual Things You Do Because Of Your Anxiety

8 Unusual Things You Do Because Of Your Anxiety

Your Level of anxiety will trigger some things and bring them to the fore; what you would not do naturally will become of you. Anxiety will stimulate some habits you won’t get to do often unless you are anxious. Your state of being confused will affect your actions and will take over your conscious mind to generate many subconscious activities.

A lot of people end up doing things they would never do, if not for their anxiety. Some things are bound to happen when you let your anxiety get the better of you.

Below Are 8 Things You Will Likely Do When Anxiety Gets To You Excessively

1. Feeling Headache

Anxiety can breed a pain or ache in the head, when you are anxious, some neurons in your head are triggered and make you suffer from headache. It is one of the unusual thing that will happen to you because of your anxiety.  Some people feel sharp pain at the back of their head. Meanwhile, it is not really a real pain, but a pain generated by anxiety called psychosomatic pain, it is generated due to symptoms of physical pain in various body areas that occur during any life period. It is also called Sharp/Dull pain.

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7 Habits Of Truly Confident People

7 Habits Of Truly Confident People

Confident people have their ways of life, what they do effortlessly as daily routines. All confident people have some things in common that qualify them to be called “Confident people”. Confidence is in-built power that helps people to dazzle others, while some possess this quality naturally, some learn it. This is to say that to be confident is a free gift, you can possess the quality if you want it. Confidence has some cultures to itself, the more you practise them, the truly confident you become.

Let’s Consider The Lifestyles Of Truly Confident People

1. They Are Smart

Confident people are smart people; they are cleverly shrewd and humorous in a way that may be rude and disrespectful. They are equipped with intelligent behaviour that makes them work in a smart way.

Through their actions and words, they exhibit intellectual knowledge, social ability or cleverness that complements what they say and do. All confident people possess the quality of being smart.

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8 Signs She Is A Keeper That You Should Stop Fucking With Her

8 Signs She Is A Keeper That You Should Stop Fucking With Her

There are women and there are women, and you will only get to know who is who through their character. It is enough for a woman to say that she is a keeper; when she dresses and looks like one, she should also behave as one.

A keeper is an ideal lady for every man, it is unfortunate that men miss out on keepers that have come their way already because they fail to identify the gem stones. Most men will end up losing what they have because they don’t know they have it. Thus, this post will help you with some pointers that will guide you from falling into the pitfall of ‘had I known’.

Below Are Signs That The Lady Is A Keeper:

1. She Really Cares

A woman like a keeper will really take special interest in what you do and everything that concerns you. She shows deep thought in things that matter to you; your career, headache, plans and desires are ever of great importance to her. You can count on her when you are going through a bad phase, she is a shoulder you can always lean on. Your worries are her worries, and your joy is her joy.

2. She Is A Giver

A woman like a keeper does not only receive, she gives too; she gives what she can afford – material possessions, her time and attention. Her man knows she would always come through for him when need be.  She is a cheerful giver that won’t count the cost.

She offers to help, she always ask herself what she can bring to the table and won’t hesitate to give. She is a contributor and supporter, she is a benefactor.

3. She Looks Out For You

She won’t hesitate to air her grievances, she corrects and rebukes when there is need for it.  She counsels and won’t hold back to calling attention to your wrongs and some areas you can improve on. Many ladies are capable to do this but you will know she is a keeper because her corrections and rebukes are love motivated.

She talks because she wants you to get better, and because she loves you.

4. She Manages Well

A keeper is a good manager and a good handler. Nothing will be ruined in her hands, nothing would waste. She preserves things you put in her care, even yourself. She is not wayward with spending; she can be a big spender and yet a frugal person.

You are not afraid to make financial dealings with her, and you can trust her with your plans. There are some plans she has run for you and on your behalf with hundred percent success. She is resourceful.

6 Flaws Smart People Got – You’re REALLY Intelligent If You’ve Got The 6

6 Flaws Smart People Got – You’re REALLY Intelligent If You’ve Got The 6

Do you know that our flaws are there to remind us who we really are? Upon close examination, look up your flaws and see how unique they are. Sometimes, you should feel proud of some flaws you’ve got because not everyone can actually have those, and because you have them means you are different from others. It is not only your strength that highlights your uniqueness, your flaw talks about your uniqueness too.

There is no element of strengths found in man that does not have their backdrop flaw. Like a shadow! It goes hand by hand with the strength you’ve got and the shadow would sometimes be made revealing under sunlight. Don’t beat yourself so hard when your shadow flaws come into the limelight, you have them because of your unique strengths, so take relief in knowing this while you work on them. The goal is to have your flaws reduced as many as possible.

But sometimes, you have to acknowledge that you can’t help it. The flaws you’ve got has something to do with your strengths. That is to say, your strengths have some relation with your flaws.

To the smart individuals, they have some flaws; they can’t help it because they are strongly mixed and attached to their make-up. We will now discuss some flaws, that if found in an individual, then such individual is a smart person.

Below Are 6 Flaws Of Every Smart Individual:

1. Hard To Please

Smart people can be very difficult to work with, one of the reasons why they only work with smart few people who can match up their energies to some level. They are hard to please because they have standards, and would pay attention to everything.

Sometimes, they don’t want to tell you the high expectation of what they want from you concerning the task assigned to you, they trust you enough to see you giving your best to the work at hand, but it is not their fault that they are not easily moved.

They are not simple and can be ambiguous, so people don’t find them pleasing and would want to avoid them because of their complexity. They are very detailed and intricate, so they wouldn’t even let the littlest error to slide. While some people are okay with average performance, not to talk of a very good performance, your very good performance might not be enough when dealing with a smart person.

So it is fine if people call them: Difficult, troublesome or pain in the ass.

2. They Adjust A Lot

They would always improve an existing project and plan, they rule out a working decision to introduce a better option in a blink of an eye. They change things and create upset because there is a reason to do which others are not seeing, smart people would ‘tailor the clothes again and again’ to make them fit the perfect picture of what they see in their mind.

This does not mean they are not consistent – this behaviour does not define consistency. Smart people are very consistent.  There are visions (goals) and there are missions. The mission is towards the vision; the smart individual is ready to alter (change) a mission and change to a very smart and sure mission (a better pathway) that leads to the vision. Mission might be edited but the vision remains.

Many people will say smart people are inconsistent beings; it is a false allegation. They alter a whole lot of things because they are being proactive. Read page 2 below

5 Ways To Deal With Feeling Unwanted, Abandoned, And Unloved.

5 Ways To Deal With Feeling Unwanted, Abandoned, And Unloved.

Feeling unwanted, abandoned and unloved can be every day’s feeling for some people. They feel they are stranger even in the midst of their family; like they are against the world. This world is a wander land to them and they think themselves to be a wandering being.

The feeling that you are unwanted, abandoned and unloved can wreck a man’s life and make it miserable. Because of these feelings, many have travelled to the land of great beyond, to the land of no return. People will try to mistreat you, you should know what to do.

Below Are 5 Ways To Deal With Feeling Unwanted/Abandoned and Unloved:

If You Experience Any Of These 5 Signs You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Karma

If You Experience Any Of These 5 Signs You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Karma

Karma is real; it is the force or law of nature which causes one to reap what one sows. In a group of people who are closely related to one another (by blood, marriage or adoption), there will always be someone that will be the sacrificial lamb for the family; the person would atone for what the family has done and still doing. Karma is a reward/aftermath of any evil done knowingly, unknowingly or out of sight.

There will always be a sacrificial lamb in the family, for the family that would bear the karma for the family.

Below Are The Subtle Signs That You Are The Carrier Of Your Family:

1. You Are The Public Face Of Your Family

You are everywhere, every relation want you to be around them. Father will send you to your brother, your sister will plead with you to help visit another member of the family, to run some errands.

Every Asoebi (social event) of the family is on you, you are a breather to your family. They call you for everything and you would always create time out of your busy schedule to attend to their call.