10 Harmful Habits We Thought Were Good But Are Not

Using toothpicks

This might sound bizarre, but toothpicks are not very good and should not even be used. First off, they are not very good at removing particles between the teeth, and they damage the gums as well. Using dental floss is a better and safer option.

Chewing gum more often

There have been myths that chewing gums helps you retain memory and improves retention of memory. While this may be true to some extent, it is generally not a good habit to chew gum all the time. The process of gum chewing stimulates the production of gastric juices, which can cause ulcers and gastritis. Also, it also increases saliva production which can be corrosive to artificial dental implants and fillings

Allowing yourself to be pressed for so long

There have been cases where people delayed using the bathroom when they felt pressed and ended up with not just severe pain, but with several other serious issues. Delaying going to the bathroom when you need to can cause serious problems like swollen bladder and internal muscles. Even worse, they can also cause urinary tract infections.

10 Harmful Habits We Thought Were Good But Are Not

Sleeping face down on the pillow

Some people believe they cannot get good night sleep if they do not sleep this way. This habit does not only cut or restrict your breathing, it places the neck and back in unnatural positions that can be painful later on. It also affects blood circulation and gives you wrinkles that will never to away.

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Chewing inedible solid objects

Solid objects like pen caps, plastic materials may seem like harmless objects when you chew them but don’t swallow them, however, they cause more dangerous problems later on. They cause the problem to the enamel which you may not notice now, but in the near future. Also, other activities involving the teeth like opening of bottles, chewing of ice cubes should be avoided.