14 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law

14 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law

While people pray for a good marriage and spouse, it is also important to pray for a good mother-in-law. All over the world, with special reference to Africa, toxic Mother-In-Law in law have been known to be conniving and mischievous, especially with their daughters in law. Some women will understand the fact that the mother now has to share her precious child’s attention with someone else and hence tolerate her behavior, others may not. Yes some behaviours may pass in matter of time, some may linger for too long. How do you spot out toxic mothers in law? Here are ten signs.

1. She Does Not Like You…. And She Does Not Hide It

From the moment she set her eyes on you, there was disapproval in her eyes. Within moments, she has brought up a thousand and one reasons why you are not good enough for her child, and will also try to convince her child and other members of the family to agree with her. How you choose to react to this is entirely up to you.

2. She Trails Youi

By trail, I certainly do not mean keep tabs on you ( although it is quite possible). What I mean is the fact that she eagerly waits for you to let your guard down so she can pounce on you and tear you apart. She’s just waiting for an opportunity to let everyone know she was right all along.

3. She Does Everything Possible To Put You Down

This is worse when she realizes that her child really does care about you. It places her in the position that makes her believe you will take the child away from them. This makes you the enemy and she won’t back down in her attempt to get you out of her child’s life.

4. She Has No Respect For Boundaries

This toxic woman will show up unannounced at your place and demand all the attention in the house. If she does not get it, then its just another reason why you are not a good choice in the first place. 

5. She Looks Down On You

A toxic mother in law will never hesitate to let you know just how lucky you are to be married to their child. They will put it in your face how privileged you are to be a part of their family, and will constantly derail your life and values. 

14 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law

6. She Is Right…. Even When She Is Wrong

No matter what, she can never admit she is wrong, even when the evidence is glaring and so obvious. She is always right, and no one can say otherwise. To her, everyone else is at fault and is to blame except for her. As such, she will never apologize for what she does wrong.

7. She Wants To Be Incharge

Even in your matrimonial home, she wants to call the shots. She loves exercising authority especially with you around as a way of mocking you. A mother in law who always demands to be at the top of the decision chain in her child’s matrimonial home is clearly toxic.

8. She Expects Total Submission From You

Being the mother in law, she would expect you to be completely submissive to her, loyal even, so she can take over your marriage and handle it the way she seems fit. Refusal to do this would clearly result in a battle between you both.

9. She Constantly Criticises

A toxic mother in law will never be satisfied with your efforts and will always see faults in all you do. It all boils down to the fact that she does not like you, so the mere sight of you is a bother to her. She may not show it, but her constant disapproval is aimed at making you feel terrible.

10. She Is Very Manipulative

She always tries to garner sympathy from her child and redirect attention back to herself. When she fails at this, she turns the game around and pits you against your spouse or vice versa. This is just to get everyone to see her as the better person, and you as the unworthy spouse.