15 Ways To Tell If A Couple Is Doomed

Everyone knows that a good relationship requires hard work and commitment. However, it does not mean that you would have to go through hell to see it become a success. It is easy to tell when a couple is happy in their relationship, and it is also easy to spot a couple that is in a doomed relationship. Below are 15 signs that tell you that a couple is doomed:


One of the signs of a true and happy relationship is honesty from both partners. When one or both partners are not being honest with each other, it is a very bad sign, one that can lead to them splitting up or a breakup in the future.


Disrespect is a bit similar to dishonesty. The difference is that, when there is disrespect, there is no regard for the other person’s emotions or feelings. If there is disrespect between partners, one or both of them acts however they want, without a care on how the other would be affected. On the contrary, a couple that is committed to their relationship will never do anything that can hurt
the other person’s feelings.


If a couple is truly committed to each other, they would always love and enjoy each other’s company. Sadly, when a couple or a partner is constantly looking for ways or opportunities to stay away from the other person, then there is a big problem. You both might be living together, but if the emotional bond is not there anymore, you will not want to enjoy each other’s company anymore.


Trust is one of the major qualities of a good relationship, just like respect and honesty. When trust is destroyed in a relationship, it can never be the same again. A relationship or marriage without trust is clearly doomed to end up in divorce or breakup.


In every relationship or marriage, there are bound to be misunderstandings or conflict. This stems from the different personalities, the different background, different upbringing and different ideas of the partners. The issue is not how well you argue about your misunderstanding or conflicts, but how quickly you resolve them. When you run into a conflict with your partner, you should be able to resolve them together with no further problems and with both partie satisfied. Inability to do this means there is no understanding and communication between you two.

15 Ways To Tell If A Couple Is Doomed


There is hardly anyone in this world that has not gone through one or more previous relationships before finding that one person you decide to settle down with that one special person. No matter how many previous relationships you have been in, the important thing is to cut off the person when you are over. There is really no need hanging on to an ex, maintain close relationship with them when you are involved with someone else. It will always bring problems in the end.


When you are married or in a relationship, you certainly should not have any business being attached to anyone or anything else besides your partner. Some marriages and relationships fail, not because the partners are not committed to each other, but because one party has an unhealthy attachment or obsession to something or someone. For some people, their attachment is to their family, and for some others, it could be something else. In this case, the other partner feels threatened and unimportant, and this could lead to resentment.


Everyone is unique and special. The sooner you realise this, the better and easier it will be to manage your relationship or marriage. Any marriage in which one person is constantly comparing the other partner to someone else is a failure. The moment you start seeing someone else as better than your wife, husband or partner, the moment you set the clock to the end of your union. When you start thinking this way, it will be easier for you to cheat. See Page 2 for more Ways To Tell If A Couple Is Doomed