4 Signs That Are Always Ghosting

4 Signs That Are Always Ghosting

Why do people ghost? Is it inherent? How do they find it easy to appear and disappear at the expense of others? Every zodiac has their specialty, the 4 signs that would be listed below are experts in doing ‘ghosting’ – they are more capable of it than other zodiacs. They appear, disappear and reappear without prior information. The worst of it is that these 4 signs don’t even know when they will ghost away, maybe they would have leave you prepared.

These 4 signs would always ghost:


(February 19 – March 20)

Pisces are always in ghost mode; they ghost more than any other zodiac sign. They are best described: ‘Here now, there in any moment from now!’ They always experience mood swing, you can never tell what they are thinking/feeling even when it is so obvious that something is not right.

Pisces sign can call to tell you one thing, and in the next few minutes call in again to tell you to ignore what they said earlier. Another thing you need to know about Pisces is that they give up on people easily, they might not come through for you when you had expected they will come through for you.

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