5 Female Behaviours That Pull Men

5 Female Behaviours That Pull Men

It is normal to find a guy attractive, but it is painful when you are unable to court his attention. And secretly, you had wish what you feel for him should not be one-sided, you want him to feel the same too or in some cases, you just want to find means to express yourself even if you won’t have to say it by mouth.

However you must know what a man likes if you always want to get what you want – more than your beauty, there are some behaviours he will see in you that would make him come running to you – the behaviours pull him closer and nearer. He will definitely find his ways to be with you.

Below are strings that will pull him to you –all what you have to do is to sit down and look:

1. Compassion

When a female exhibits kindness, it gladdens the heart of men. Seeing lady tending to others, doing their best makes the head of a man swell. One of the many thoughts that will be in his head is to have such person around and with him.