5 Signs It isn’t Love

5 Signs It isn’t Love

Love or lust? Passion or obsession? Love is a delicate affairs. Anything that is original has its duplicate of false identity, even love. Most times, love is not what we claim to feel for one another. Infatuation or lust can be misinterpreted as love. In attempts to spell out the difference between lust, love or infatuation, you get confused and you don’t really know which is which.

To save you from unnecessary confusion, this article won’t worry with you definitions of any kind, but it will provide you with information that only confirms what love is not.

1. When it is one-sided

Sometimes, one of the two lovers will lift the other up in down moments, sometimes it will be the other person. But a relationship that continue to be one-sided is a false figure of love. The essence of relationship is not to walk alone … is to generate heat to keep us warm. If you have always been the one depositing and the other continue to withdraw, then it isn’t love – your love is a game of deceit.

Both hands should be on the table for equal actions and transactions. No one should always get the better of the other in your dating relationship.

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