5 Signs It isn’t Love

2. Lack of Trust

M the ways to know your partner is using you is when you cannot trust them with your money, because they will always find excuses or reasons to spend it.

I once read that “I trust you” is a better statement to “I love you.” This is so much like what Ralph Emerson wrote (permit me to reconstruct it), “The glory of friendship is not in the outstretched only, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is more in the spiritual inspiration that comes to you when you discover that your partner believes in you and is willing to trust you.

Trust is very necessary in relationship, love is not love without it. If you don’t trust your partner or your partner doesn’t trust you, then there’s something wrong with your relationship.

3. Lack of Respect

Respect and trust are mixed with good love- they are inseparable. They are the components that make love a whole. Respect informs you to value the relationship in every good and bad moments. If your partner won’t handle you with care when you are not in your good moments – it is a lack of respect. More than one time, there is need for you to be patient with your partner and wait for them to come out of some situations and feelings.

Because your partner respects you enough, they will pick you above anything else.

4. You feel burdened

Whatever you are doing for one another should be in excitement, and not grumbling. If you coming around your partner makes you feel burdened, then maybe you are not truly in love with them. If anytime you spend some moments with them, it takes a toll on you because it is not what you really want to do. Then what you have for your partner is not love, yet.

Finding it difficult to give to someone is a good measure that reveals the genuine state of your heart towards the person – if you don’t feel thrilled and excited to be around the person, to help the person out, then your love is not genuine.

5. Absence of Sacrifice

It is not love when there is no sacrifice, because love itself is out rightly sacrificial. Love thrives more in the presence of inconveniences, we cannot call it love yet if it is not tested. How much are you willing to do for your partner? How many bends has your partner made for you already?

What confirms your love for one another is when you come through for one another when it is not convenient. You will be stretched out of your comfort zone to be qualified as a true lover. If you are willing to live out of your comfort zone for your lover, then your love for them is love, true love. Should you or your partner always complain when it is time to make sacrifice for one another, then what you have for each other is not love.