5 Signs You Are Being Haunted By What You Refused Or Accepted

5 Signs You Are Being Haunted By What You Refused Or Accepted

Have you ever felt guilty of what you have done or could have done? Maybe you turned things or someone down, and within you, you feel remorseful. You can’t tell why you feel this way. 5 Signs You Are Being Haunted By What You Refused Or Accepted

LIfe happens, and sometimes, our poison seems to become meat, and our meat become poison. Many will attribute this to incapability to make decisions, but NO, it is not so. No one will be able to maintain his decision in life if life makes a total 360 0 turn-around. And when life turns around, everything in it (including people) adjusts. So, don’t ALWAYS fault yourself for being poor in decision making.

There is a way life itself teaches us never to say never, in some cases, all we need is just an encounter, and our dislikes will replace our likes. One incident is enough for one’s opinion to change, people change after some incidents and remain haunted by what they avoided or refused, cowardly or bravely. We never know we could be haunted by what we are about refusing or accepting, but now you should know.

In life, many unsaid words could come back to haunt men, it’s not only spoken words that haunt people, one’s inaction too at a point or another may make a man shivers, and become unrest. Thus, whatever people do afterwards, they do with little focus or no focus.



Unconsciously, you find your mind roaming on what you have gone through (experienced) and you can’t help than to think on it, even without known reason. Few questions of ‘maybe’ flood your mind, you have said ‘no’ when you feel like saying ‘yes’ you thought it is not a big deal, but now it is becoming a deal. Why do you still get lost in thought over seemingly settled matter? It is so, because you are being haunted by it.

5 Signs You Are Being Haunted By What You Refused Or Accepted


Do you have that little fear concerning what you have declined or accepted? Here, it is not that you are reminiscing over your activities that have come along, but you have this faint fear over a particular that questions your decision making, you sense you are not safe with your decision and you end up saying to yourself ‘hope I am right’, if this is you, then you are being haunted by that very thing you have accepted or declined.


How it slips into your subconscious mind is still what amazes you. You never thought your inner force will talk about it even in your sleep, but there you are, being tortured with its thought in your dream and awakened by it. You are being caught in-between your made decision, as it is irreversible. If you feel this way, it tells what you did or could have done is haunting you.


Do you seldomly or constantly find yourself mistaken your said ‘no’ for ‘yes’. You had thought you said yes, so you go on to do things you would have done if you say yes, where as, you said no. This is so because your lips (mind) have said what your heart did not say. Many people experience this too, and little did they know, just like you, that what they did accept or refuse is haunting them.

5 Signs You Are Being Haunted By What You Refused Or Accepted


Say it is possible to turn back the hands of clock; this, many people will do, and we will do so more than one. How many regrets have filled up your life in the past 72 hours; was it as a result of what you refused or accepted? Many thoughts of ‘how I wish!’ would creep in, as you silently pray for a possible second chance to come your way. Maybe or maybe not- who knows if it will come?

However, if you find yourself in a helpless situation as such like this, then you should know that your made decision is haunting you.

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On an end note, I would like to tell you that:
Come what may, people have options, always more than one. Some tend to say they don’t have alternatives, this is so because people can get blinded in heat of situations, we tend not to think straight, and we do so, blindly, after all, matters have overwhelmed us and we become desperate. That being explained!

Be critical in thinking and in the decisions you make, knowing fully well that, you will be responsible for your decision becoming action that could come back to haunt you. Be skilled in decision making, refuse to play blame game if your decision backfires, don’t stay in the poor decision you have made, rather revel in the good decisions you have made over time and hope for many of it to come. Always trust your gut, this is the only way you will not lose your magic. I have never seen a magical man that is not BOLD. And more importantly, don’t be afraid to make mistake, and its second of it is, FORGIVE yourself where need be, and do so quickly lest you make many mistakes (poor decisions).