5 Signs You Are Born To Be A Spiritual Healer

2. You Become Like The Person In Need

You will become like the people in need of spiritual healing if you don’t attend to the people in need. The more you wait to attend to them, the more weight you feel on your mind to the point of sickness. More than having the paranormal ability to psychically read another person’s emotion, you go a step further to absorb their emotion; you tend to suck up their feelings and emotions and fully amass the negative energies in them.

3. You Can Identify The Root Problem

Many reasons are behind why a person’s mental and physical health is failing, we can lay claim to some physical reasons like depression, overstress, etc. Meanwhile, these could not be the usual causes why a person is down mentally, emotionally and physically. But because you are born to be a spiritual healer.

4. You Are So Hospitable And Tolerant

You are highly hospitable; your hospitality is without pretense and prejudice. You don’t give preference because the person is your sibling or someone that has done you a favour. It comes from within and with no attachment. You are doing it without looking for something in return.

You see everybody as one, and would not treat one better than the other. You give high and equal regards to all.

5. You Are A Good Listener

You are very good at listening to people, you do so keenly and with rapt attention. You give a listening ear to everyone’s problems, challenges and whatnots. They are listening because they want to proffer solution to the challenges of the person. Thus, the readiness to listen with rapt attention is always there. They give their ears to all class of people; hoodlums, prostitutes, the modest, young, old even the mad.