5 Things A Good Man Never Does In A Relationship

2. He never shy away from responsibilities

Romantic relationship comes with responsibilities. Love relationship is not for all – only for the responsible man and woman; people that will embrace the responsibilities that come with the functioning love system.

A man should go first and show that he is responsible to make life easier for his woman, and to make their romantic relationship thrives. A man should be dutiful in love affairs. Responsibilities in love relationships differs, so it is important to ask your partner what they expect from you in the relationship and not to assume. People differs, what lady A needs her man to do could be different from what lady B needs her man to do. But there are some basic duties that every man should know.

Few of them are being supportive and never to go missing in crucial moments. Financially, emotionally, socially, mentally, physically – a man should learn what is required of him.

A good man will not start giving excuses or misbehaving when his woman is facing some difficulties. A man of good times should remain in bad times. A good and responsible man would never make her woman to do what he should do except on rare occasions that can be easily understood. She has her roles to play in the relationship, so it will be a burden if she takes on the role of her man with hers. A good man would not like to see her woman burned out because of his irresponsibility.

3. He never violates his woman

To hurt his woman emotionally is an act of violation. He talks to her respectfully and won’t shout at her. Even in her weak moments, he will not exploit her weaknesses to make her feel less than she is. He still finds reason to talk lovingly to her even when she errs. He corrects in love and would air his grievances in a mature and respectful way.

A good man will never call his woman unprintable needs even when is on fire. Self-control is a sterling quality a good and responsible man possess. He never insults his partner and won’t dwell on her past errors and omissions.

He does not treat her ordinarily or as puppet before his friends – he would be violating her by so doing.

4. He never beats

A woman beater is an animal. Slap or punch is the same. A good man will find no reason to beat his woman under whatever arising situation. Domestic violence is a ‘no’ for good men, a man that beats his woman has reduced himself to ‘nothing’ and is qualified to be termed ‘mad man’. A good man knows this too well and would not let their anger overcome their hands to do what they would regret later.

A man would be subjecting her woman to the highest form of disrespect when he beats her. If you beat her, you take everything away from her; her womanhood, her values, her dignity, her health. A good man would not want to do this to her woman and would never do this to his woman.

5. He never feels entitled

Having entitlement mentality brings ruins to love relationships – a good man would never share this mentality.  “You must do this and that” is not a lifestyle of good men. Many others out there would take the good deeds of their woman for granted because they are too familiar to one another. In this case, it will be rightly said that familiarity breeds contempt. But to a good man; familiarity breeds respect and values.

A good man will be grateful for what his woman does for him and for their relationship. And because he feels grateful, he would reciprocate with good and better deeds also. A good man would never take his lover for granted as if she owes him. Regardless of what the man must have done for her or the ill doings the woman has done to him, this good man will not hold her to ransom.