5 Things ONLY Old Souls Can Understand

5 Things ONLY Old Souls Can Understand

There are souls and there are souls: Every people you come across (young and old) are sometimes not who you think they are. Amongst them are old people that are young at heart and seemingly young people with old souls. You will be able to spot them on if you are observant and attentive enough. The way they go about doing their things; the way they talk; the way they think are done in a notable way.

Have you ever found out people who are weird in one way or the other? You must have noticed something out of the ordinary before you find them strange. Old souls are found weird sometimes, if not always.

Old Souls Are With The Understanding That…

1. That The World Is Being Recycled

Only old souls get to know that world today (the life) is only an upgraded version of what it was centuries ago. It is a repetition of what it used to be, the difference today is that it comes in a different color and flavour. Only old souls know that there will always be a part of today in future of centuries to come just like there are old handwritings (of ages) on new (today’s) wall.

In every generation, it has been new people but with old practices. This age is only reprocessing what has happened years back in a dynamic and modified way.

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