5 Warning Signs from the Universe That You’re On the Wrong Path

2. You Lack Motivation

Even though the work/career you do rewards you handsomely, you always feel like you are being forced to stay there. No excitement and motivation whatsoever. It is a good thing for someone to anticipate to resume his or her work, but in your case, you would always heave   sigh whenever you are reminded of what you are to do.

If because of things you think about, you lost your enthusiasm and peace. Then it is a place where your thoughts should not travel to, talk less of your body.

3. You Are The Culprit

How oft do you see yourself messing up the plans of others in a group work? If it happens to you more than once, it is a sign that you don’t belong there. Even in your personal project after everything has been forfeited, you know you are the architect of your failure – that no one has failed you, you failed yourself. People you’ve called to join forces with you fulfilled their parts excellently but you ended up becoming the weak link, and things fall apart (sometimes, your failure will be in the way you administrate resources and people).

4. You Are Made The Black Sheep

5 Warning Signs from the Universe That You’re On the Wrong Path

It is normal that you have critics you will battle out with maybe in your place of work or wherever, but when you find yourself in a setting where everything work against you and everybody want you out, then it is a sign that you are in the wrong place. And if you very skilled and equipped for the work at hand, then it could be you are at the right place at the wrong time – give yourself little time and things will work out just fine.

5. Feeling Unfulfilled

People around you envy to be successful as you are, but deep inside you, you are always with the feeling that something is missing – something is not just right. Even though things are going well for you, yet you are not genuinely excited about it.

No matter what you do and the compliments people give to you, you still don’t feel ‘a kick’ inside you, it looks like you are just passing away time, till something worthy comes – this has always been how you feel. You don’t even know the reason why you are not contented with what you are doing despite the obvious records of success and bars you are raising high.