5 Ways To Get Better In Things You Do

1. Have Momentum

To maintain success, have momentum. People will continual success have momentum. The more you succeed, the more you should want to succeed, and the more you would find a way to succeed. You are to keep up. You know when someone is failing, the tendency will be to get on a downward spiral.

Here, when succeeding, your tendency should be on an upward spiral. Have desire to keep the ball up. Keep up with things that keep you thirsty for a better doing.

2. Be Wary of Vertigo

Anyone whose goal is to achieve something higher must expect someday to suffer vertigo. Vertigo is not fear of falling, it is the voice of emptiness below us which tempts and lures us to perform less of our capability. Vertigo will bring you to your hitting point if you allow it. Mental giddiness comes with some level of satisfaction that stops you from breaking the ceiling.

Don’t let little victories enter your head forgetting that you are to oversee greater victories ahead. Avoid mistake of thinking you have arrived when you have only started. When you achieve a dream (goal), set out for a better dream (goal).

3. Have Patience

Always remember to mix strength and patience with your passion that you may reach for the stars in your choice of profession. Exercising adequate patience will make you to observe tiny progresses when it looks as though you are not moving forward.

Some things won’t work until you give them time. Like traffic lights: Red, Yellow, Green! These lights affect other areas of life too. Know when to stop, pause and to be in thick action. One of the qualities that can be traced to maturity is patience. Owning it will cause you to make fewer mistakes. Mind you, patience is not procrastination. Don’t procrastinate while disguising under patience. There is a time for every projects – knowing when and when not is patience.

4. Keeping Good Company

Don’t neglect the company of great people, you are a social being wired to interact with others to function well. Always staying around people of great minds will not allow you to rest on your laurels, you are constantly reminded that you should do better, to go farther, to jump higher. You are in their midst to generate heat for yourself, the heat you generate is what keeps you warm, and it is the warmth that keeps you alive and fresher.

Company of people that will remind you of your set-goals, people that make you think in a healthy way. People that spend their time wisely.

5. Don’t Repeat Mistake

Repeating mistake tells that you have not learned. Meanwhile, you don’t have the luxury of time to repeat mistakes twice, thrice or fourth if you really want to forge ahead without wasting your time all by yourself.

Don’t be afraid to make mistake, be bold enough to make one. It actually means you are on the verge on making something big to happen. This point is a theme of “once bitten twice shy.” Always study your past to correct the future that you may be alive today to see tomorrow. Studying your past does not make you to get stuck in the past. It should only remind you of how bigger, stronger and better you have become.