51 Common Signs of a Cheater You Need To know

#31. The put off conversations that involve the future of you both

#32. They become selfish in their decisions and do not involve you

#33. You hardly sleep together anymore

#34. They do not want you hanging out with their friends in their absence.

#35. They pick up strange hobbies and new interests and keep it away from you

#36. They no longer want to be seen with you in public

#37. They do not appreciate your efforts anymore

#38. They get irritated when you try to be romantic

#39. They do not let you anywhere near their clothes for fear of you finding something

#40. They become secretive about their whereabouts

#41. If they are cheating with someone you know, they pretend not to care about that person

51 Common Signs of a Cheater You Need To know

#42. They flatter you endlessly to hide their deceit

#43. They intentionally ‘forget’ the plans you make together

#44. They make a new friend and don’t tell you about it

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#45. They begin to justify cheating

#46. They become suddenly upset at your appearance

#47. If you’re married to them, they may become careless about their wedding bands

#48. They take on strange looks, not for you, but to impress someone else

#49. They expect you to make a complete change of your personality

#50. You may start to notice strange and unaccountable expenses especially from his or your joint accounts. 

These signs do not necessarily mean your partner is already cheating. It could be a signal that they are still in the process of considering it.

51 Common Signs of a Cheater You Need To know


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