61 Painfully Accurate Animal Memes For Introverts that Will Speak Your Mind

61 Painfully Accurate Animal Memes For Introverts that Will Speak Your Mind

Since you may prefer animals to humans, here is a list of introvert memes that will make you laugh to tears. Sometimes I feel sorry for extroverts. They rarely feel the beauty of solitude. No calls, no emails, no FaceTime, no invitation, no people, just you. How cool is that?

Introverts are not anti-social. And we don’t always hide under the blanket. But when our social battery hits zero, we need time to recharge ALONE. That’s the time we dodge people like dodging the bullets.

If you are an introvert, you may prefer animals to humans. So here are the best introvert memes of animals that you can relate to.

Painfully accurate introvert memes
Introvert meme #1: When you can’t understand your previous decisions

Introvert meme #2: rare but possible, right?

Introvert meme #3: Ew the small talks

Introverts hate chitchatting or being forced to stay. These two things combined can kill an introvert inside.

Introvert meme #4: the parallel universe

Extroverts are from Mars. Introverts are from Venus. When they crossed paths, they wish they didn’t.

Introvert meme #5: That’s why introverts are alone

Superhero goal: Mr. Invisible

Introvert meme #7: When people ask about your life in 3 years

Imagine family gatherings no longer terrible.
When you find a friend that gets your introversion

Meaningful relationships don’t need to last on parties, right? Coffee houses, book stores and the sofa look pretty good to me.

Socially awkward or introverted?

Consider yourself lucky if your coworker wants to avoid chitchats as much as you do.
Introvert meme #10: don’t test my limits

Let’s indulge the beauty of texts, shall we?

Introvert meme #12

Dealing with introverts 101: Don’t make last-minute plans and blame them for not showing up.


This is why first foot out the door and introverts already want to go home.

Introvert meme #14: family friends and gatherings

And kids running around, screaming and you just hope they don’t find you hiding in your room. I get the deer.

The reason why conversations are draining

When you’ve done such a good job pretending to be an extrovert. See more introvert memes on page 2 and 3 below