7 Things She Does That Tell You Are His Obsession

7 Things She Does That Tell You Are His Obsession

To start with, I must say you are lucky man to be her obsession, every man wants a woman that wants nothing else, but her man, only. All she wants is you- -your presence, your attention, your kindness in words and gifts, your simplicity and innocence. She is just fond of you, she can’t help it, she can’t control herself, before you occupy her, she has preoccupied herself with you, she can’t resist what she feels for you, her heart melts when she meets you, she develops goosebump at the mention of your name, she has a wet eyes at your departure. You are her temptation, and she does not care how many times you exploited her. When you are not with her, she keeps your thoughts and still can’t have you enough. There is no her without you, she sings your name all day long in presence of friends.

She Will Always Do This If She’s So Much Into You:

1. She Asks You Questions

Questions ranging from what the future holds, ‘who is that person?’ to how you plan going about it: you don’t need to ask her, she would bring the questions to you. I just hope you will be polite enough to give answers to her questions accordingly, and with all honesty. Don’t be angry seeing her asking you random questions. She is right to do so, because she is not thinking outside your option. You are the only option she’s got, not that she lacks options, but she is determined to have just only you.

2. She is Fond of Cuddling You

Indoor or oudoor, she holds you close, she loves touching and palming you, she hangs around you, like a pussy. She is not the one that practises social distancing while you are around, she keeps you in check with eye contacts, eye you with her smiles, and sway you with her grinning face. What a joy to behold!

3. She Wants You To Be Seen Together

She is not afraid to let people know about your love affair, she is proud to have you and won’t stop telling the whole world you are hers. She invites you to a family reunion in her place, she proposes to come along with you when she learns you want to go out, she wants to hang out with you.

7 Things She Does That Tell You Are His Obsession

4. She Has Your Time & Will Not Keep You Waiting

She is never tired of hearing from you, and would not keep you waiting. She replies SMS, chat messages, and return calls promptly (at the earliest possible time). She would leave you a message and call to check on you. It is not a shame to them to reach out to you more than you do. As heavy as her activities could be, she always has a spared time for you- -she is there when you are together and when you are away from each other. OMG! I love it.

5. She Listens To You

She becomes a good listener while with you, and would always give you her rapt attention, she trusts you with secrets about her even as she has proven to be a good confidant to you. She seeks for your opinion on matters and tell you things, She is doing so because you occupy a place of honor in her life, she wouldn’t do that to everybody. So don’t foul and judge her when she tells you matters.

6. Things About [and Concerning] You Becomes Her Favorite

She wants to be in your world, and whatever concerns you give her concerns. She affiliates with your relations [family], she takes interest in your people and things, she loves your world and want to ger herself acquainted with your world, after all she plans being your queen. and want to know what is expected of him to be your eligible and accepted queen.

7 Things She Does That Tell You Are His Obsession

7She Nags When She Smells Other Women

Never in your mind think she feels insecure by questioning you about other ladies, far be from it. She is doing so that you may recommit your love to her, she is doing so because she wants you to give her assurance. She is putting everything into your relationship with her- body, soul and spirit. So, it is okay for her to get emotional and clear her doubts, you have to let her know your love for her is unwavered. Let her jealous, please.

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It SOMETIMES sucks and pisses a man off that a lady is doing all these and would not give him space. Regardless, every man should be grateful for having someone like that in his life. You would definitely MISS HER when she’s gone, I tell you. Enjoy her drama while it lasts, compensate her with true love. She is your NUMBER ONE FAN, full time.