8 Unusual Things You Do Because Of Your Anxiety

2. Pacing

One of the unusual things that will happen to you when you are anxious is your act of pacing because you are anxious; it is a step taken with your foot in a room when you are nervous; when something lingers on your mind. You keep on walking to and fro because you can’t find answers to things you are on your mind. Pacing is one of the unusual things that will happen to you when your mind hit a wall and wants to escape.

3. Overeating

You tend to overeat because of the disorder characterized by excessive anxiety. It is an escape mechanism for them to neutralize the anxiety, they thought it is a way to neutralize the anxiety and would keep on eating to the point of throwing up.

Most people go through phases when they overeat, getting anxious can make them become like this and this in turn makes them gain weight unnecessarily.

4. Under-eating

Some people will lose their appetite completely because of their anxiety, and this in turn makes them lose weight unnecessarily. Most people go through phases when they don’t eat well, moments when people get fired up with anxiety can be a very frustrating time. Then overtime, their weight are affected almost to the point that there would be need to direct them to dietician.

It is not a very good scene seeing adults becoming fussy eaters. Anxiety can lead to under-eating.

5. Hyperactive

They are everywhere and will do everything just to shy away from the anxiety; getting involved in activities that do not matter and are irrelevant. In the sense of trying to take away that stimulus that generates anxiety, people tend to get involved in activities that make them forget the memory of it.

6. Restlessness And Lack of Coordination

Some people become restlessness and uncoordinated. A lot of people do not have resilience to confront that anxiety, in turn, they are unable to coordinate their thought, sense of humor and activities leading to restlessness.

Some people make costly mistakes that are avoidable because they are not able to coordinate themselves. This lack of coordination makes some people lose their job, spouse, good relationship and all.

7. Increase/Decrease Sexual Urge

There is a reaction that happens when anxiety happens, this reaction procreates a surge – a production of some hormones that brain is trying to readjust to because of the increase in the production of some hormones. Then make people to feel increase in sexual urge, sometimes decrease. They may not be able to control their libido or they feel not interested.

Sex could be a compensatory mechanism to some people; using sex as a distraction from the anxiety they are suffering from.

8. Depression

The brain coordinates the body; it is in the pain that our thoughts are processed. When there is a distortion/distraction in the thought process, depression will happen. Dopamine level of an anxious person will be low due to anxiety, when this happens, then the individual will be depressed.

People with anxiety suffer depression; the feeling of rejection, hopelessness and the persistent feeling of sadness.