9 Ways Your Intuition Sends You Messages

10 Ways Your Intuition Sends You Messages

Have you ever had that weird feeling or strange sensation that you should not be doing something or that you should not be somewhere? The word intuition may seem like a foreign word to some people, and to others, it is a common word. Truth be told, our intuition is what some would refer to as conscience, instinct or heart, and it is what gives us a warning when we are about to do something wrong. The problem however, is knowing when you are receiving signals from your intuition. Here are ten ways to know when your intuition is trying to send you signals or messages.

Dreams And Visions

Some of the dreams we have are actually hidden messages or warnings that are preventing us from doing something that might be harmful to us or something we will end up regretting later. Some other times, they may come as flashes of visions when we sleep or when we are awake.

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Large Billboards Or Signs With Message

In some cases, we may be going through some crisis that we will need to make a certain decision. Other times, we may be confused on a choice to make regarding a situation. In times like that, we may come across a billboard or street sign with a message telling us what to do. His is our intuition sending us a message.

Advice That Comes At The Perfect Time

Just like seeing a synchronizing message on a sign or bill board, you can also get an advice from an odd or reliable source at the exact moment you need it. These are ways your intuition is reaching out to you.

10 Ways Your Intuition Sends You Messages

A Sudden Ailment Or Sickness

When we are on the verge of making a mistake or doing something that will cost us much, the universe has a way of stopping us. A sudden, inexplicable illness can prevent you from doing something you will regret later.

Strange Buzzing Or Ringing In Your Ear

Have you ever experienced a strange ringing or buzzing sound in your ears? If yes, what led to it? If there is no reasonable explanation as to why it came or left, and if you are sure you do not have any ear related issues, then it could be a way of your instinct warning you of something to happen.

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Repeated Patterns And Numbers

Most people may not know this, but seeing numbers repeatedly have a deeper meaning than you can imagine. It is not just the numbers that matter, but the way they appear. It could be in pairs or patterns, but however they appear, they are a kind of message or a warning.

10 Ways Your Intuition Sends You Messages

Hearing A Particular Song

Hearing one song wherever you go, or hearing particular song stuck in your head could be a sign or a warning from your instincts or your intuition, especially if the lyrics are somehow connected to what you are going through.


They say you get goose bumps when there are ghosts around. But sometimes, they are also signals or warnings of impending dangers. When you get goose bumps, know that it is a way of warning you of something that might not benefit you.

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A Tingling Feeling

It is not all the time that we get warnings for something bad, sometimes, we also get feelings that identify our happiness, and this includes a tingling feeling, or a butterfly in the stomach sensation.

A Feeling Of Urgency

If you have ever had the experience where you had the need or urgency to leave a place, only for something terrible to happen seconds later, then you will understand the need to listen to your intuition. A sudden urge or need to do something or leave someplace can be your intuition warning you of danger.