Choose An Animal And We Will Reveal The Darkest Aspect Of Your Personality


To begin with, the bats are not fans of sunlight, they look at the world upside down, and live in dark places often at heights off the ground. One thing is certain, these animals are complicated and difficult to understand. They are quite different from other animals, but even more dangerous than most.

If the bat was your choice of animals, then you have a very complicated personality as a human. You see the world differently from everyone else, and never see eye to eye with certain things. Your every thoughts, emotions and even your sense of humor points to the dark side. The major thing however, is that you stand out in everything you do and everywhere you go, making you see beyond what everyone else sees.


The scavengers of the world and nature, the vulture is easily spotted wherever they are. With a distinct and unmistakable body of hooded neck and bald head, the vulture takes its time, waiting for its target to clock out before they swoop down from their heights for the carcass.

If the vulture was your pick, it does not necessarily mean you are a scavenger. In fact, it means you only attack when you have to. On a good side, you would not harm someone full of life on the inside, but when a person is dead on the inside and full of anger and hate directed towards you, you swoop down with your anger and descend on them with your rage.


The ravens have been known as the messenger of death, dark omens and destruction for years. Being incredibly smart birds, they are capable of human voice imitation and are also very good at adapting to situations and places. 

If you chose a raven them you are an individual with a dark side that no one can easily see. You lie in wait for the right moment before you unleash your anger and only because you have to. Your dark side stems from your ability to make observations about people from a distance and trying to understand their ways before you strike out against them. This trait comes out only when you have been threatened and provoked, if not, you remain as calm as you can be.

Choose An Animal And We Will Reveal The Darkest Aspect Of Your Personality


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