Do you Often Wake Up Between 3am to 5am? Here is what it means

03:00 – 05:00 AM : Fight Mode – ON

During this time your body experiences the lowest temperature and everything should rest in a deep sleep.

If for some reason you wake up regularly during this time, then my dear things might get tricky. So, do you often Wake up around 03:00 – 05:00 AM?

First of all we should remind you that during 03:00 – 04:00AM most mysterious phenomena occur. That’s why it is called the ‘Witching Hour’. Hence, you may sense mysterious energies around you or, you may experience the ‘Awakening’.

Moreover, during this time, the Meridian of Lungs is activated which is considered the most ‘magical’ one, related to the sense of freedom. Is something blocking your path? Do you want to break free? Anxiety has already kicked in. What causes this anxiety?

Now that you know all about the ‘Witching Hour’, are you under attack by dark forces? Or is it just anxiety what causes all this trouble? You definitely need to figure this out before moving on.

Ask this Question to yourself: Why are you Alert? What do you fear? Why are you under attack?

Antidote: Proper grounding can help you as it fortifies you defense system. Moreover, you can call upon the Blessings of Archangel Michael. 

05:00 – 07:00 AM : Confused Mode – ON

During this time, many of us wake up and prepare ourselves for a brand new day, full of possibilities and adventures.

However, some of us schedule their wake up few hours later. If despite what you want, you constantly wake up during this time then something might be wrong with one meridian.

Which one? The Meridian of Large Intestine is activated during this hour. If you constantly wake up during this hour – despite your will – then this meridian might suffer. Do you have any problems related to this meridian – as constipation, haemorrhoids or allergies?

Moreover, this meridian is associated with the Element of Metal (Chinese Element System). The meridian of Large Intestine is responsible for our body’s “detox” system. What do you need to leg go off? What is bothering you? Why does your meridian so intensively try to throw negativity away?

Ask this Question to yourself: What is poisoning you? Which feeling / or person is so toxic that keeps you trapped ?

Antidote: Peppermint scent and tea might be the answer as it help you abolish emotional and psychic parasites.

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