How Can We Decide Who Is ‘a Karen’ And ‘A True Partner’

True love is a beauty to behold, an untold fulfilling experience to enjoy, a feeling no one can resist. But to every beautiful thing, there is a ‘look-alike’. Most of the times, innocent suffers and feed on what is not real;  the ‘look-alike’. Love is not an exception, it has a duplicate which may take time to discover and unearth. At a time like this that union of one true partner and one karen partner is on rampage. How do we know who is who?

Without much ado, let’s reveal who a Karen is, in person, afterwards, we read together how a Karen fares in love relationship;

A Karen is a drama king or queen, selfish, awkward, too loud and too demanding, they appear rude and are definitely rude. They are bossy and oppressive.

So how does this weird being fares in love?

Karen holds the belief that love is at least, a 50-50 equation, if not 60-40, they expect more than they give (let’s say they give something). They feel entitled and would always think their partner doesn’t deserve them, so they hold their partner to ransoms. A Karen would think ‘I am doing my partner a favor by being in a relationship with him or her. As far as they are concerned, they have nothing to lose in the relationship if both lovers should go their separate ways. They focus more on the bad and easily forget the good moments. Nothing like endurance, they are lovers with carefree attitude, really. They are domineering.

How Can We Decide Who Is 'a Karen' And 'A True Partner'

Though love must not always be tragic, but love without pain or sacrifice is not yet the truest love. Karens would plan everything, want to control everything, and want everything  to conform to their ways and desires. To Karen, love is a business game played by the smart dude and the dull dude. They love for thousand reasons- for many things they stand to gain.

Karens are simply lovers with karen behaviour.

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How Can We Decide Who Is 'a Karen' And 'A True Partner'

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Who then is a True partner in love?

They are selfless lovers with 90-10 ideology in love expression, they would give their partner more than what they expect from them. They are sacrificial lambs of love who would always atone for their partner’s imperfections. They see their partner’s imperfections, together with theirs, through a perfect coloured glass.

They are complete opposite of what a Karen lover is.