I Can’t Breathe, My stomach Hurts, My Neck Hurts, Everything Hurts,

George Floyd Death

Please I Can’t Breathe, My stomach Hurts, My Neck Hurts, Everything Hurts, They are going to kill Me | George Floyd

My heart bleeds as we still have to go through this.  May God rest your soul in perfect peace George Floyd.

What are your thoughts on the George Floyd Murder

Something that is bothering me beyond anything else is how do you carry on with life if you are the wife, mother, daughter or sister of one of these four police officers?

How do you go to bed next to these men or have a meal sitting across from them as if life and family are unchanged and not shaken to its core?

Is this something that makes you say “whoa I have never seen this side of you!“ Do you question his behavior and ask “what the hell were you thinking?” Is this something that disgusts you and is a deal breaker in your relationship?

We all have moments in our lives when people we have been in relationships with for years, as a SO, a wife, sister, daughter etc surprise us with behavior that is completely out of character and we question ourselves, “how well do we know this person? Is this new or has it always simmering under the veneer?”

In this case how do we reconcile this action. I have to ask myself, if it were me, how do I move forward, am I supposed to be a supportive wife, etc, and stand by to show my absolute support? Use the comment section below and tell us what you think.

by O.J. Gillom