Mental Abuse Tactics To Watch Out For

4. Lie

They are great liars; they say words to cover up their mess even if it means they have to pull the world of others down. Their words are not true and they lie at will. What they say is often different from what they do.

5. Selfishness

You would meet with people who would make you feel weak and less comfortable. They make themselves bigger than they appear to confer feeling of fear and insecurity on others, the thought behind their actions is to outshine you and to be the centre of attraction.

They are selfish and always think higher of themselves above others, they would make most of people’s mistake just to court attention at all cost. Courting attention at all cost is a mental abuse tactics you should watch out for.

6. Secrets

There are some people who would come around you to know what is up with you while they conceal their own intentions. They learn your plans and ways to know the direction you would be going next. When it is about them, they would keep you off-balance and in the dark by never revealing their thoughts and plans. You would mostly see them tell you one thing but they would do always end up doing another things – this has always been their thing.

They would always leave you with no clue of what they are up to by guiding you far enough down the wrong path, and by the time you realize their plans, it will be too late.

Mental Abuse Tactics To Watch Out For

7. Making You Dance To Their Tunes

Mental abusers have their ways to make you dance to their tunes, they won’t make it so obvious but you will get to know you are now doing what you did not intend doing on the long run. They come before you with options and make you feel/think like you are the one in control, you will only get to know when you study those options and realize that none of the options work for you but all the options work for them eventually. This is one of their tactics you should watch out for.

They lure you with beautiful distractions and will cause you to abandon your own plans in the process.