13 Real Reasons Why Guys Actually Ghost In A Relationship

13 Real Reasons Why Guys Actually Ghost In A Relationship

Being in a committed relationship with someone is actually a wonderful thing. But what happens when you are suddenly ghosted by someone you are still in the talking stages with. What does it mean to be ghosted by someone you are in a relationship with? It is simply a scenario where you are in the talking stages with someone and they suddenly disappear without a trace or they are
suddenly out of reach. What could be the reason for this? And which gender is the major culprit for this? Ghosting can happen in both gender, however ghosting happens mostly in guys. This brings us to the question, why do guys ghost in relationships? We have brought to your knowledge, 12 reasons why guys ghost in relationships.


Being emotionally immature, means that the person is inconsistent. They hardly keep to their promises, and will always flunk out at the last minute. This is a very good sign of a bad communicator. In this scenario, they make promises or plans and cannot afford to keep up with what they have said.


If someone is really into you, it will not take much to find out. Maybe a date or two is enough to let you know if they want to keep going with you or not. If the both of you are going steady for a while and then they suddenly back off, it could be a sign that they do not wish to commit to anything with you.


One of the reasons why a guy suddenly ghosts you is because they are not willing to get attached to you. They could simply be after a fling or just a casual relationship with nothing serious. They ghost you because you may have given them the impression that you are in for it whereas they are not.


Anxiety in relationships mostly comes from fear of being imperfect or from abandonment issues. When a guy has these anxiety problems, there is a greater chance that they will ghost out in any relationship they find themselves in. This is because they have difficulties settling in or feeling comfortable with someone. In such cases, they will always have that fear that it will not end well, and as such, they chose to leave before they even have a chance.


This may be painful to believe or accept, but the guy you are seeing is probably ghosting you because they are already with someone else. They may have hooked up with you because they are in search of a fling or they are just having fun, but the truth remains that they are already involved with someone else.

13 Real Reasons Why Guys Actually Ghost In A Relationship


There are certain people who are emotionally sensitive and do not like to bother others about their personal issues. Guys like this can ghost people they are in a relationship with or people they care about just because they are going through something personal. They distance themselves because they would rather deal with their issues themselves than place it on someone else.


This is perhaps the most common reason why guys ghost women in relationships. They do so when they have gotten what it is they wanted from you. Their need may be sexual, financial or otherwise, and when they get what they want, they see no need to continue with you anymore and so they disappear. See Page 2 for more Reasons

6 Ways To Quiet Your Anxiety Over Being Single

6 Ways To Quiet Your Anxiety Over Being Single

Presently, there is a massive amount of pressure on youngsters and unmarried people to get hitched or hooked to a partner. Everyone loves a happy ending, but what if your happy ending is not coming as quickly as you want it to? When someone gets past the adolescent age, all they are mostly concerned about is finding a partner, even if it is not what they need at that moment.
Society has made it such a way that people worry about who they will end up with, meanwhile they have more pressing issues to be worried and concerned about, like how you want your future to be like and all that.

Because our lives mostly revolve around partnership and getting paired up, we sometimes feel incomplete when we are not with anyone. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with being single, likewise having a partner. But society has made it so, and people who are not paired up feel unaccomplished. Being without a partner can make one anxious or insecure, and on that note, below are ways to quiet those anxieties and feel better.


As earlier mentioned, there is nothing wrong with being single. In fact, this is a precious moment you need to savour while you still have it. It may seem like you are being forced to know yourself as you are single, however the truth is that you are the only one that can give yourself the kind of love that you deserve. Use your single moments to discover the things that make you unique. What are your likes? What makes you happy or sad? What are your interests? These questions and more are some of the questions that you should find answers to before you even think of being with someone. Put in the work and make yourself the perfect person for your would be partner.


If you are still single, it is probably because you are not ready to be paired or coupled up with someone. It may not be a physical effort, but it could be that you are not prepared mentally for the journey. When you have prepared yourself mentally, psychologically and emotionally, then you will equally meet someone who is as prepared and who knows themselves as you do.

6 Ways To Quiet Your Anxiety Over Being Single


Whether you like it or not, you are going to be under enormous pressure once you are single. You are going to disappoint a lot of people whether the choice is yours or not to be single. In society, it may be normal for people to be in courtship or married at some point. When you go against that normality, whether it is your fault or not, you will be seen as a disappointment. The sooner you prepare your mind for such pressure, the less you will be affected by it.


You must realise and understand that no matter how hard you try, you will never fit into the standards that people set in society. The society does not care if it your fault or not, it is the end results that they care about. As much as you can, try not to dwell on those ideals that have been put in place, and just be yourself. Do the things that make you happy and fulfilled, and pay attention to the things that matter, like your peace of mind. When you pay less attention to what people think about your relationship issues, the better you will feel.


If you look at the bright side, you are probably not feeling anxious because you are single, you are probably feeling that way because you want to please a certain group of people you have no business pleasing. In cases like this, you will not even feel better when you meet someone and get into a relationship. To solve this problem, you would have to think about why you feel the
need to change a certain part of yourself because you want to please people. Coming to terms with this on your own will help you realise that it is not the way to live.

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If you needed to be in a relationship, you probably would have been in one by now. Sometimes, the universe has a way of making things happen for our benefit even if we may not agree with the process. You are probably still single for a reason, and you should take the time to find out why. Who knows, if you had been involved in a form of entanglement with someone, it would have ended badly. Bearing this in mind will make you see the benefit of your singlehood, and enjoy it while it lasts.

What It’s Like To Be In Love When You Have Depression

What It’s Like To Be In Love When You Have Depression

They say love is the greatest and strongest feeling in the world. They say love and the feeling of being in love and loved in return can overcome anything. In all honesty, love is indeed a strong feeling, but its strength is dependent on the people involved. Although love is indeed a strong attraction, one that is capable of overcoming anything, it may not be so strong when compared to a terrible feeling such as depression.

Depression and its effects are severely underestimated by a lot of people. This is probably due to the lack of adequate information of the part of others. However, people who have dealt with depression as well as battled with its effects, can very well tell you just how dangerous it can be.

Depression is not just a feeling, it is a disease that leaves the patient or sufferer feeling dejected, angry, lonely, sorry for themselves and that they are not enough. When a person is depressed, everything is and feels different, even love. While it is still possible to feel the love that someone extends to you, the depression will always make you feel indifferent about everything.


The terrible and nasty thing about depression is that you may never know how badly you have been affected until it’s too late. At this point, you are already in too deep that you see things and relationships differently, even with those you formerly shared affection. Basically, this means that depression will make you constantly on edge about everything and everyone.

Remember that depression already makes you feel less of yourself. Although depression affects everyone differently, the feeling towards love is almost similar. For starters, people who are depressed always feel like it is them against the world. This means that they are constantly feeling like everyone is against them. When a depressed person is in love, they second-guess everything including themselves.

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A moment that is meant to be exciting can turn out to be a horrible experience. Why does this happen? It happens because they always feel like they are not good enough. While someone is depressed, they always have the nagging feeling at the back of their mind that the people they care about will leave them one day. This feeling remains the same when they are in love. They are scared that the one they love will still leave them, and as such, it makes them scared, angry and anxious. To the partner, it can be misinterpreted as insecurity and lack of interest. However, a show of understanding and love from the partner should set their mind at ease. While it can be difficult to be in a relationship or be in love with a person who is depressed, with time and support from you, they should relax around you and let go of all their insecurities.

6 Most Mentally Strong Zodiac Signs

6 Most Mentally Strong Zodiac Signs

Physical strength cannot be compared to mental strength. While they both have their merits, they also have their uses. Physical strength can save in certain situations, just as mental strength can save you in certain situations. (6 Most Mentally Strong Zodiac Signs) While some certain zodiac signs are blessed with physical strength, some others are blessed with mind power. Below are 6 zodiac signs that are blessed with mind power.


People that are born under the Sagittarius sign are already wrapped up in their own mind all the time. For this reason, they know what it means to have great mental strength. Sagittarius are people that process information all too well, and have many mechanism and techniques for coping with the issues and stress of life. When faced with difficulty, Sagittarius will always devise a way to handle the situation on their own without drawing attention to themselves.

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 19)

Aries are regarded as one of the strongest signs, not just physically but mentally as well. The reason for their physical and mental strength is that they keep putting themselves in positions that make them stronger. Thus, when they overcome the situation, they are stronger than were before. The aries is not just headstrong as most people know them to be, they are strong-willed and possess sheer nerve which helps add to their mental strength.

LEO (JUL 23 – AUG 22)

Leo has this incredible mental endurance and strength that helps them through any situation. Whatever the leo sets their mind to, be rest assured that they will do it. It is a known fact that Leos love being in the spotlight. But what most people do not know is that to be and remain in the spotlight, one must have great mental stamina and capability. With Leos, that mental strength is certainly not lacking. All their accomplishments are owed to their mental agility.


Scorpios are the sadists of the zodiac signs. Scorpio is that one signs that you would dare not cross. Besides the fact that they will make you pay for your atrocities, they will have a hell of a time enjoying your pain. The mental strength of this sign is what makes them the way they are After all, it would take immense levels of mental agility and strength to be able to bypass and
shut down human emotion in order to be that sadist. And with Scorpio, that mental strength comes in more than enough quantities.

6 Most Mentally Strong Zodiac Signs


There must be a reason why this sign is associated with the bull. Although Taurus may be stubborn and determined, nothing makes up for their measure of mental strength. A Taurus’s mind is as forceful and determined as the bull itself. Their reputation does not come from mere physical status, but by their mental capacity and strength. Taurus knows what they want, and they know how well to work and get what they want.

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In the eyes of the world and other zodiacs, cancers are seen to be weak and feeble. However, what they may lack in physical strength, they make up for in mental stamina. The Cancers counteract the opinion of others about them with their enormous mental strength. Additionally, cancers are able to hone their mental strength into one great capacity or area, making them great thinkers, planners, organizers and mediators. Most importantly, Cancers get things done even when they are second guessed by others.

4 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Don’t Want Your Relationship To End

4 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Don’t Want Your Relationship To End

When we first get involved with a new partner, it all seems perfect and we never want it to end. Sadly however, reality sets in, and we start to see and experience things we never would have imagined. In most cases, the relationship may end, leaving us wondering where we went wrong or what we did wrong. Knowing the things that can cause a relationship to go sour will help you keep things in check for the next relationship. do this if you do not want your relationship to end.


Before that special person came into your life, you were probably all over the moon for them. Now that they have become a part of your life, it seems as if they have blended into the background. You have gotten so used to them that they are seemingly not special anymore. When this happens, you start taking them for granted, and they lose their value in your eyes. At this point, the relationship gets boring. In order to avoid this, you should endeavour to appreciate everything and every moment with your partner. Avoid getting too comfortable with your partner and by so doing, you will appreciate them more


Are you the type of partner that expects nothing less than perfection from their partner? Do you have realistic expectations or do you expect fantasy? You should know that we are all human, and there are certain expectations we cannot meet no matter how perfect we are. Knowing this will prevent you from feeling disappointed when they fall short of your expectations, or when they do not do all that you demand from them.


First and foremost, you must understand that your happiness is dependent on no one but yourself, you must not place your happiness in the hands of others. While their presence may be inspiring or peaceful, you cannot place the responsibility of your happiness on them. Instead, take steps to discover what makes you happy. You can even involve them if it will make you feel better. When you realise that your happiness is your priority and your duty, you will come to value their presence.

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In every relationship, there are bound to be clashes and misunderstandings. You should have it at the back of your mind that no one is perfect and that we are all human. Whenever you come to a squabble, always try to forgive. Although it may be hard, but you can think of the times you have wronged them and they have to forgive you. Knowing that humans are bound to make mistakes will help you forgive easily when the time comes.

3 Ways To Shut Down The Narcissist During The Silent Treatment

3 Ways To Shut Down The Narcissist During The Silent Treatment

The silent treatment from the narcissist is a form of emotional abuse. The pain can be hard to explain, and this is why narcissists use this as a form of punishment. The only thing running through your mind as they subject you to that kind of emotional torture is what you could have done wrong to get such treatment. With a narcissist, silent treatment is a way of punishing their victim by totally ignoring them. Instead of taking responsibility for what they must have done, they inflict this treatment to shift the blame from themselves to you and make you feel guilty for what they have done. Do not feel like you deserve such treatment, remember that the narcissist uses this technique on every of their victim. Below are 3 ways to shut down the narcissist when they decide to give you the silent treatment.


The first step is to disengage from them emotionally. The narcissist sink their claws on their victims through emotions. One of the ways to free yourself from their clutches is by detaching or disengaging yourself from them emotionally. Whatever treatment they mete out to you, do not let it get to you personally. Always remember that it is not about you. This is just how they operate so letting their treatment get to you is how they control and manipulate you.

3 Ways To Shut Down The Narcissist During The Silent Treatment


Normally, there must have been a misunderstanding between you two for them to give you the silent treatment. The silent treatment is either because they are not getting what they want from you, or they are having a hard time bending you to their will. They are simply trying to make you succumb to their will. In order to shut them down at this point, try to see things from a different perspective. Take account of their past behaviors towards you, and how they reacted when they did not get their way. Taking note of all these will help you realize how much of a manipulator they are, and will also help you break free from their clutches.

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No matter what must have happened between you two, yourself worth and mental health is important. You deserve as much happiness as you can get, and you should not let anyone make you feel otherwise. Take this point to invest in yourself both physically and mentally. Also use this as an opportunity to reflect on yourself. It will give you the opportunity to decide what to do next.

Why Narcissists Are So Cruel To You But Kind To Everyone Else

Why Narcissists Are So Cruel To You But Kind To Everyone Else

Narcissists always seem so nice to everyone but you. Have you ever wondered why this is so? To everyone else, they seem like such nice people, especially when you talk about them in public. In fact, other people may begin to see you as an ingrate when you talk about how horrible their treatment towards you is. However, no matter how charming, nice or hospitable people think they are, you and you alone know the kind of persons they are. This leaves us wondering, why do narcissists seem so nice to other people but cruel to us? Why do the narcissists you know treat you like nothing but treat others like pure gold? Why are narcissists willing to do anything for others but not for you? The answer lies below.


You must understand that a narcissist only feels satisfied when they are in control or when they take away someone else’s happiness. If you can remember, when you first met them, they seemed very nice to you because you were a new and fresh target. At that point, they were still trying to get in your good graces, and the only way that could happen was by being nice to you so you would let your guard down. On that note, a narcissist in your life will be cruel to you because they are already where they want to be with you, hence you begin to see their true side. On the other hand, those who get to see their fake nice side are those who are still in the dark about their true nature.

Why Narcissists Are So Cruel To You But Kind To Everyone Else


A narcissist can get very demanding, childish and outright dangerous when they don’t get what they want, especially from you. As you may already know, all a narcissist does is take, take and take from anyone including you. When they do not get what they want, or if you do not provide that opportunity for them to override you, they show you their cruel side. In the early of your relationship with them, they probably let things slide when it does not go their way, but now, they have become more familiar with you and do not feel the need to hide that ugly side of them. With a narcissist, you should be ready to provide all their needs and wants no matter how insignificant, otherwise, you run the risk of seeing a side of them that no one else will see.


Most, if not all narcissists show a side of them that makes it look like they care when the other person allows them to be in charge. For narcissists, being in charge means taking control of all situations, and that includes you. As long as they remain in charge, peace reigns. However, whe you begin to show signs of resistance or signs that you are standing up to their authority, they
begin to exhibit signs of cruelty to bend you to their will once more.

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The thing with narcissists is that they turn the whole situation in their favor. They make it look like you are at fault even when you are the victim. It is always about them and what they want, with no regards to what you want. The only way to deal with a narcissist is to take back the control and power from them. Until that happens, you will be stuck with an endless cycle of being manipulated and used.

11+ Easy Psychological Tricks You Can Use To Influence People

11+ Easy Psychological Tricks You Can Use To Influence PeopleThere Is Only 8 Ways To find out

 You can actually get someone to do something that you want, or to do something for you without using force, hypnosis or threats. Psychological trick have been shown to work very well in convincing people to do something with you or for you. Below are 11 psychological tricks that you can put to use to influence people and their actions towards you.


Humans have been known to copy or mimick behaviors. Some times it is done without even knowing. Copying simple gestures or behavior or people like the way the sit, the way they speak, the gestures they make when talking etc, can make them like you. It will make them feel like they have some kind of influence on you. At this point, it will be easy to get them to do something for you.


If you touch someone lightly when speaking to them, you are more likely to get what you want from them. The touch does not have to be much, a slight brush on the arm will make them focused on you.


Calling someone by their name or title can have great effect on them. The sound of a person’s name is like music to their ears, so the person who calls them by it has reminded them of their identity. When you call a person by their name, you stand a greater chance of getting into their good book and getting favors from them.


When used wisely or correctly, flattery can get you in someone’s good books. When it is not used well, flattery can backfire and make you gain an enemy. Before you decide to use flattery as a means of influence, take note of the way the person sees themself. If the person exudes self confidence, the flattery will only validate the way they feel about themselves and will make them like you more.


When someone is tired, they are not just physically worn out, they are most likely mentally drained as well. If you want to get something or ask a favor from someone from them, do i when they are tired. They will probably promise to do it later because they are too worn out to disagree. At a later time, they will do what they have promised because they want to keep their word.


To show them that you really understand all they have said, repeat all they have said to you. It shows them that you care enough about them to listen to them and understand them as well. This way, they will be more likely to do same for you in future.


Reports from scientists have shown that when you nod while talking to someone, they are likely to nod with you. It is an unconscious effort, but it signifies the fact that they agree with what you say. Nodding while talking to someone is more likely to get them to agree with what you say and anything you ask.

11+ Easy Psychological Tricks You Can Use To Influence People


When you want to make a request, start with something so trivial and small. Because of the nature of the request, they would have no reason to refuse. As time goes on, you work your way up and make bigger requests. You should take your time however, as another request in the wake of the first can drive them away.


This works better when you want to make friends with someone you barely know. Asking for a favor from them will make them realize that you made an effort to get in touch or reach out to them. By doing you a favor, they are more likely to become friends with you.


When there is a misunderstanding between yourself and someone else, let them speak. Even if they are wrong on several levels, allow them air their views and voice out their opinions. When they are done, then you can explain yourself without making them feel like less. This way, you will gain their respect and friendship.

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You can use this trick to get people to behave themselves, especially in public places. Placing an image of a pair of eyes will make them feel as if they are being watched. It will create an avenue for composure and self-respect.

5 Best Quality of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

5 Best Quality of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

1. Aries

Adventure- Loving Personality

This is a very common attribute of Aries people. These natives love taking risks.


Aries can take the challenge head-on! These natives are very courageous.


Since they invariably seek excitement and journey, the Aries people usually attempt newer things in life.


You will ne’er notice that Aries will low on energy levels.


The positive energy that the Aries possess and unfold around not solely provides them with a psychological advantage over others however additionally makes them quite a widespread heap in social circles.


If they’re fascinated by one thing, be it a relationship or a project, the Aries is stormily into it and be a thought for others.

2. Taurus Zodiac sign


The Taurus can without delay lend aid to the family, friends, etc as they are really generous people.


You can calculate the Taurus, they’re going to not leave you frustrated. Their responsibility makes them glorious workers and friends.

Down to earth

These reliable and smart souls square measure quite right down to earth, polite and pleasant personalities. Success seldom goes to their heads.


Patience could be a virtue and therefore the Taurus posses it aplenty. They believe doing the task right instead of being the primary one to try and do the task.


Financially and showing emotion, the Taurus like better to be freelance and powerful so they don’t need to seek for support once life throws lemons at them.


Once they set their eyes on one thing, the Taurus can persistently place all told the efforts to urge it. Failures and setbacks seldom dampen their spirits.

3. Gemini zodiac sign

Broad-minded and easy-going that they’re, the Gemini people are adjustable people because they want to relish each moment run deep at intervals them.

A wide sort of subjects excites them, and hence, the Gemini can attempt **their hands** at numerous things. Surely, they won’t bog down in any mundane tasks.

Gemini-born is gung ho and filled with life, and invariably crave for accomplishing new and fascinating things, however, their enthusiasm is infectious now and then.

Gemini-born is endued with sensible communication skills. they’re a soft lot! they will sell as regards to something to anyone with their outstanding verbal skills.


Gemini-born will effortlessly impress you with their wit and humor, and you’ll ne’er get bored in their company. Besides, their spontaneousness adds to their natural charm. A Gemini will simply keep you amused and concerned for hours.


Gemini is born intellectuals, they’re invariably fascinated by learning various subjects. they’re clever and sharp people and that they won’t shrink back from readjustment their opinions.

4. Cancer


The Crabs will return up with sensible and novel concepts exploitation their creative powers. However, within the method, they’ll find yourself with concepts that will not be too sensitive or could also be too over-ambitious.


These natives are spontaneous


The Cancer-born natives deeply admire and love people


Cancer-born natives are quite emotional individuals, however, occasionally they could seem icy and separated. They sympathize with people and like to beware of them.


Cancer-born people are greatly protecting their personal space, interests, belongings, relationships, and favored ones.

5  Best Quality of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

5. Leo


The natives are continuously loved for his or her kindness and useful nature. Big-hearted that they’re, the Leo gracefully shower love and fondness on folks.


Since they’re dominated by Sun, the supply of infinite energy, the Leo are energetic people and unfold the positive vibes around.


Ones to ascertain the glass half-full, the Leo does not get simply demoralized by disappointments and setbacks. they’re going to continuously attempt to return on super.


People born underneath the Zodiac Sign Leo are quite frank concerning what they require to mention.


While they demand loyalty from the folks related to them, the Leo themselves are loyal and trustworthy people.

The Full Psychic Powers Each Zodiac Sign Possess

The Full Psychic Powers Each Zodiac Sign Possess

Psychic powers and abilities are not something we see everyday. But what does being psychic really mean? Does it have to do with abilities that no one possess? Or simply something that you do so well. Psychic abilities range from being able to tell when someone is lying, to being able to sense when something is about to happen. Below are the different psychic powers associated with each zodiac sign


The psychic power that people born to this sign possess is the ability to know the next big thing. Whether it is a huge event, a show, or even the launch of a new star or a fashion trend. They are the trend setters. They see it all before it happens.


Unlike the Aries, Taurus is more down to earth and calm. Because of this, they are able to sense boundaries and limits of people, places and even animals. When interacting with a Taurus, they know just how much humor you can take, and when to back off.


The social butterflies. Everything about this sign involves communication. Even when they are at a place, they have the ability to be somewhere else mentally. This means they can be mentally involved in two or several things at the same time.


Cancers are very emotional beings. It is their emotions and their empathy that makes them psychic. When you are with a cancer, they can feel when you are uncomfortable, when you are upset, even when you are lying. They are highly empathic and can tell when something is up.


Leo’s are the perfect time keepers. Their psychic power is the ability to keep to time. They always know the right time for everything. They know the exact time to show up at a place and the right time to leave. Their ability is called psychic timing.


Virgos make good planners. This is because of their psychic ability to see the silver lining in every cloud. All they need to do is look at unfinished project, and they will see how it will look like in the future. It doesn’t stop there, they see both future dangers and opportunities. See page 2 more Zodiac signs

The One Motto That Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Live By

The One Motto That Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Live By

There are principles, rules and laws that govern the way we live and the things that we do. However, these laws are from the area we live in and not by ourselves. We all have different things that motivate us to do things that we do, and we also have our own laws, rules, principles and mottos that help shape our lives. According to your zodiac sign, there is one motto to live by. This helps to shape your life into what it should be. Below are the mottos associated with each zodiac sign


Accept the present, 

let go of the past and have faith in the future People who are born under this sign are great leaders who possess great amount of courage. However, they love to be in control, not just over people, but over situations as well. You must understand that things happen because they are meant to. Worrying over the past won’t change it neither will it affect the future. Simply live in the moment.


Not everything is worth the effort

Taurus loves being useful even when it’s not necessary. You should know that not every situation deserves your stress and input. Learn to filter out and find out which one is really important and deserves your attention and time. Doing so will help you save your energy and time for what’s important.


Do what’s right, say what’s true

Yes we know you are the social butterfly, but you need to be cautious of the things you say and do, especially around people. Do not allow yourself to be compromised by your actions or words just because you need people around you. Stay true to your self and maintain the right course.


Always pick intelligence over emotions

You are highly emotional, and thus sometimes, can make certain decisions that are not very good. Always think before you act in every case. Endeavor to always see the logical part of things and rarely the emotional part. It will help you make better decisions, one you won’t end up regretting.

The One Motto That Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Live By


It’s not always about you

The Leo sign is full of pride and ego. They love being in the spotlight, and they love being at the center of attention everywhere they go. When they do nor get this, they end up feeling depressed and miserable. You must understand that it is not always about you all the time. You cannot be at the center of the spotlight all the time. There are other things and people to worry about too. See page 2 for more zodiac signs

Your Day of Birth Can Reveal Your Personality and Your Destiny

Numerology - Your Day of Birth Can Reveal Your Personality and Your Destiny

Who would have imagined that by mere numbers, ones destiny and even personality can be determined. Even if some people choose to deny it, the proof is there. The act of telling someone what the future holds in store for them, or what their personality is all about is called numerology, and it has existed for ages. In this case, the numbers involved are from the date of one’s birth. It’s fascinating to discoverthat your date of birth holds the key to your personality and disposition. Want to know more? Find out what the day of the month you were born says about you. first ask your self what is your Personality? and what is Your Destiny?

1 st day of the month

People born on the first day of the month make good leaders. They have the mindset of being in charge in everything they do and anywhere they find themselves in. Their independent streak and their creativity helps them succeed all the time.

2 nd day of the month

People born on the second day of the month make great partners. They are empathic, caring and kind. They want nothing more than for their lives to be harmonious and they also love being in partnership with people who would help them achieve that.

3rd day of the month

People born on the third day of the month have this thing about them that brings people closer to them. They are open, friendly and charming. Their excellent communicative ability makes them great companions.

4 th day of the month

People born on the second day of the month are filled with determination and courage. When they set out to do something, nothing can get in their way. Their hardwork and focus makes people trust them and rely on them to get things done.

5 th day of the month

People born on the fifth day of the month are more mentally active than physically. They are intellects and have a wide range of interests and skills. Their major skill is their ability to communicate, and this makes them great marketers.

6 th day of the month

People born on this day are the ones you can trust to be responsible and honest. They are the type of people that anyone can rely on for help and support. They place so much importance on family and close friends, including their romantic partners.

7 th day of the month

People born on this date are very analytical. They see beyond the surface of things and even people. They love honesty, and thus do not like fake or superficial things and people. They also love to follow their instincts.

8 th day of the month

People born on this day are also natural born leaders. They have such skill that is great for business that it is always better to put them as team lead instead of followers. They are very smart, and love to make impressions, hence they pay attention to their appearance.

9 th day of the month

People born on this day are very understanding people, with a sensitive spirit. They love to be on the neutral and want everyone to be happy. They are such generous people that they do not hold anything back. Their creativity and open mindedness always helps them stand out.

10 th day of the month

People born on this day of the month are very competitive individuals. They love being on top, and they also enjoy getting their on their own accord. They are fighters and winners. They have great management skills and are independent, an added bonus is their originality. See page 2 for 11th to 31st

What The First Letter of Your Name Says About You

What The First Letter of Your Name Says About You

We have always been aware of the impact our zodiac signs have on our personalitiesand behaviors. What we may not have heard before, is how our personalities can also be determined just by the first letter of our name, or by our special number. Research has shown that by studying the relationship between the letters of your name, with emphasis on the first letter, your interests, talents, and general characteristics and traits can be determined. Would you like to know what the first letter of your name says about you? Find out below.

Letter A

Just like the first letter of the alphabet, people whose names begin with this letter like to come first. They have the natural tendency to be leaders and to be in charge whenever they find themselves in a group. They are also hard driven in their ambitions and would stop at nothing until they get what they want in life. They may not be too romantic, but deep down, they need someone to lean on occasionally.Their honesty, and straightforwardly attitude is their strongest point.

Letter B

People whose names begin with the letter B are not as open or as straightforward as others. They are more sensitive and tend to withdraw from publicity. However, they are extremely loyal to those they care about, even to the point of forgetting about themselves. They lean towards the idea of family a lot and this makes them very caring and emotional. Notwithstanding, they have great control over their emotions and feelings

Letter C

People whose names begin with the letter C are incredible socialites. They love making friends and hanging out with people. They are so bubbly and optimistic that they even take on jobs that show their personality. However, they are great attention seekers, and love being romantically involved with people who would love and adore them. It may take a while for them to find such partners due to their aloofness with romance, but when they do, they are loyal to the end.

Letter D

People whose names begin with this letter are bull-headed and stubborn. They hardly listen to others or take other people’s word except theirs. When they set out to do something, they do it, and this makes them workaholics. They also bring their strong personality to their love life, as they love fiercely and passionately. Be careful not to rile them though, they seem to have quite a temper.

Letter E

People whose names begin with this letter are very homely and down to earth. They adapt well to any situation they find themselves in without bothering others. They are not very sociable, as they would prefer to be holed up indoors than going out to have a good time. This does not make them boring, as they can also be great conversation partners. They however, are very imaginative and intelligent.

Letter F

Individuals whose names begin with this letter are peace loving fellows. They make great companions and hosts due to their friendly and accommodating behaviors. They are very caring towards others, and are self sacrificing. They have no issue getting involved in other people’s problems, even when they are not needed. However, they are huge flirts and have a great sense of humor.

Letter G

People whose names begin with this letter are difficult people. They are not easy to please due to their perfectionist nature. They expect perfection from everything and everyone around them, including themselves. They love to analyze everything they come across, including people, making them picky partners. But despite all that, they are always active in their daily lives and are extremely tidy with their surroundings

Letter H

People whose names begin with this letter always focus on themselves and their interests before others. They have a very small circle of people they care about, but those people can always count on them anytime. They are highly creative, focused and patient individuals. They do not easily let people in, but when they do, it is for life.

Letter I

People whose names begin with this letter are very materialistic and love the good things of life. Their interests constantly lean towards luxury and they even make professions out of it. They are equally creative with their interests, but they easily get bored with things. They love attention lavish gifts from their partners. On the bad side, they are constantly battling with anxiety and easily lose focus in what they do. see page 2 and 3 for more alphabets

8 Ways to Motivate Yourself To Do Things You Don’t Want To Do

8 Ways to Motivate Yourself To Do Things You Don’t Want To Do

At some point, or in different point in time, we have found ourselves in situations like this. We know we have to do things, but we just don’t feel like doing anything. Sometimes, you might just want to lay down and watch the time go by, other times, you might just want to sit around and do nothing. Doing nothing would not help matters, especially if what we are supposed to do is for our own good. How do you shake the feeling of not wanting to do anything away. How do you motivate yourself to do something. Here are 8 ways of doing that.

Remind yourself

It is not just enough to know that you have things that need to be done, you need a constant reminder of it. If you can set notifications on your mobile phone, or write down in a place you will always see it, or mark it on your calender, do it. This will constantly remind you that you have unfinished business to conduct. Unless you complete the task, you won’t be at rest.

Tell someone about it

It is easier to tell yourself that you do not want to do something or that you are too tired to carry out any task. However, when you involve someone else, it is much easier to get the work done because the person will be the one to remind you or hold you accountable for what you are supposed to do.

8 Ways to Motivate Yourself To Do Things You Don’t Want To Do

Break it up into smaller task

Seemingly large tasks are the easiest to put off because we feel they are too large to get done. One of the ways to get them done is to mentally or literally divide it into smaller bits. Finishing off smaller jobs is much easier, and you can finish them up one after the other until the whole work is done.

Just begin

A lot of people feel that they need motivation before they can actually do something. The truth however, is that motivation comes when you have already started doing it. The best thing to do is to begin first. No matter how u ready you are, just start doing it, you will discover that you will end up finishing it after all.

Try doing it with someone

One of the reasons why people stay away from tasks is because doing it alone can be boring. If that is the case, see if you can do it with someone else. Make it interesting by getting someone else on board. Simply watching someone else work with you is enough to get you started. See page 2 below for the full article

7 Hidden Meanings Behind His One Word Texts

7 Hidden Meanings Behind His One Word Texts

Texting has gradually but consistently taken over normal face-to-face conversation. People each other every time and everywhere. People communicate through texting when they are working, and even when they are in romantic relationships. Because of how important texting has become, a lot of romantic partners tend to anticipate the kind of reply they should get from their partners, which is why women tend to freak out when they get that one-word text reply from their partners. 7 Hidden Meanings Behind His One Word Texts

Getting a one word text reply from your guy is enough to get you upset, but you may never know the reason why he is giving you a one word reply text. Below are 7 possible reasons why you are getting one word text replies from your man.


In most cases, this is the main reason why you are receiving one word replies from him. If he is the type that usually types in complete sentences, and then starts giving you one word replies all of a sudden, then there is a greater chance that he is upset with you for something you have done, said or for something you don’t even realize you did. The best approach would be to simply ask him if he is upset wit and if there is something you must have done to offend him.


Most times, it is not always what we think. When we get one word replies from our male partners, it could mean that he is very busy at the moment and cannot give you enough time for a full reply. it could be that he is in a meeting, he is stuck in traffic, or he is in a position where he cannot text fully. Know that if this is the case, he will surely text or call back when he gets the chance.


Usually, when there is a mutual interest in both parties, conversation and communication should flow freely. Sadly, when you are not getting some encouragement when texting him, it could mean he does not like you that way, or maybe he is not there yet. Sometimes, men are not fully open with their choices, meaning that they may not be into you, but are not willing to tell you outright for fear of hurting your feelings and hoping you would take the hint. Getting one word replies could mean he doesn’t like you that much to be talking with you.


Even with the whole rave about texting, there are some individuals especially men that are not so into texting. Unlike men, women are all about texting with their friends, family and loved ones.

Men on the other hand see texting as a medium of passing across serious information. For such men, one word text replies is common since they do not like texting. However, you should note that him not liking texting does not mean he does not like you.


Unlike men, women can go all day just texting about how their day went, what they ate, whothey met etc. Sometimes, men can find this irritating and annoying and will probably reply with just one word so they don’t come off as rude to you. Sending you one word replies is just his way of telling you to ease up on the texting.


this is usually the case when you both just started dating or texting. Here he doesn’t want to give away too much, and is also probably worried he might screw things up by saying something weird, inappropriate or insulting. In order to avoid this, he keeps texting to a minimum. If this is the case, you can try to get him to open up more and be comfortable with you.

4 interesting topic for you:


This may be difficult to accept, but one possible reason why he is giving you one word replies is because he is seeing someone else. He keeps you engaged with one word replies while he gives the greater part of his attention to someone else