Reasons You Are Indecisive

Reasons You Are Indecisive

Indecision is one of the silent battles men and women take on at every table of decision-making they find themselves. They hate being made to decide on things, and they are afraid to choose between two things. Is this you – do you always feel the same? Reasons You Are Indecisive

Being indecisive is a character flaw, it is a question of your personality. You will only make little or no progress when you can’t decide. To decide wrong is better than being indecisive. Don’t be too careful about life, don’t play too safe, and don’t hold back – the more you do this, the worse you become.

What could be the reasons why you are indecisive?

Reasons You Are Indecisive

1. You are lazy

Sometimes, the reason why you often find it hard to make decision is because you are lazy to thinks through. Are you the type that you delay thinking; a friend could ask you how well have you gone with the matter at hand and your reply will be “Please, don’t even remind me of that…I don’t want to think about it.” Waiting to worry is one thing and shying away from thinking is another thing and little in no thanks to laziness.

Some people are lazy mentally and this greatly affects their chance of decision making. Thinking and making decisions can be hardwork.

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