Signs You Have A Negative Spirit Or Entity Attached To You And Ways To Get Rid Of It

2. You Suffer Hatred

People will hate on you without you actually hurting or offending them. They will never forgive the little mistakes you committed, if at all you wrong them. You will always be shocked to learn that people do much worse to them and they still get along with them, then why is it like this with you?

Both young and old won’t give you another (second) chance they will likely give to others, the hate you for the fun of it, even though they can’t explain it themselves. You make them feel uneasy with little or no effort and they make you pay for the negative vibes oozing out of you.

3. You Can’t Keep People

There are energies that bring (attract) people to you, these energies are different from those you will need to make them stay. Meanwhile, what is more important is keeping [worthy] people in your life. Though there is a caption that reads “soldier go soldier come, barrack remain”, this does not always mean we should be lackadaisical about missing out on some good people in our lives. Not all people are meant to walk out of your life.

Another sign to know that a negative entity is attached to you is seeing people walking out of your life; disassociating themselves from you and not wanting to do anything with you again with little or no provocation from you.

Below Are Ways To Get Rid Of Your Negative Spirit

1. Be Positive

Keep up with positive energies, and always stay positive. What do you always reply with when people ask about you and things that concern you? Do you always give evil report; do you always have negative things to talk about; do you mean there is nothing good about you or your situation at all? Be careful and intentional about what you sell to people, always be and stay optimistic in all situations.

The negative reports you always give have their ways of patronising your listeners with negative energies and feelings, the more you communicate it to them, the more you are sending them away from you because it has adverse effects on your listeners. We all want to protect our mind from negative energies and evil reports, and one of the ways to ensure it is to keep off the ‘zone of negativities’.  Perhaps, they don’t hate you as you think (since they appear in your life in the first place) what puts them off is what you say or communicate to them.

The writer is not asking you to pretend while you suffer in silence, but always sound optimistic even when communicating your fears to a trusted person. You still can stay positive regardless.

2. Wash Yourself

Washing yourself means you undergo some spiritual exercises that will rejuvenate and give you a rebirth package that you may be done with the negative spirit or entity attached to you. Perhaps the negative spirit attached to you connects to you spiritually, so there will be need to oust it in a spiritual way too. One way to wash yourself is practicing Yoga (it is a spiritual exercise that can lead to your rebirth if you get it right), also, you might feel the need to seek spiritual help from elders depending on your faith belief.