The Daughter Of A Narcissist Mother

The Daughter Of A Narcissist Mother

A daughter raised by a narcissist will be a friend, colleague, wife and mother like no other. It will be evident that she was raised by a narcissist mother. people are easily shaped and influenced by their environments during their formative years. They naturally accept and believe that what they experienced is the normal pattern and order of the world, so they also do as they are trained and taught.

There will always be a deposit of childhood in every adult – and those deposits are influencers that will affect their decisions and relations in life.

What Will Become Of A Daughter Raised By A Narcissist Mother?

1. She Is Independent

Growing up, she has learnt and trained in a hard way to look after herself with little or no support from older figure that mirrors her. Her being independent can be beneficial in some aspects; she makes her to be less clingy and to have her own will without minding the opinion of people in her life (be it husband, friend or colleague).

On the other hand, her state of independence can spell ‘threat’ to the important male figure in her life. Behaving independently in relationship might send the wrong signal to her man that she does not need him; that she can do without him as she will feel reluctant to carry him along in all her plans and doings.

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