The Daughter Of A Narcissist Mother

2. She Gives Less Attention

She might not really know how to give love in the best possible way, she didn’t experience genuine love so she might not be able to give what she does not have. She focuses more on herself and might not really know what is going on in the lives of people around them.

She cares less and may undervalue people around her. She is not careful with people’s emotions.

3. She Can Be Very Strong

She has a strong will, and she is very strong emotionally. Over the years, she has seen it all and what she has been through has made her to cultivate and develop her emotional energies. She hardly lets things or matters weigh her down. She is tough and a hard nut to crack.

She is not a crybaby that would not know what to do when matters arise.

4. She Can Be Toxic

Daughter raised by a narcissist mother can be a time bomb, her personality and attitude might not accommodate others. She sees things differently and also feel things differently. As a result of this, she ends up hurting others without knowing. In another case, she hurts others without having to feel for them. She might want to give them a taste of her medicine. Once in a while, she may feel bitter to the world and angry at life, then she will determine to rock it the hard way, including the people in it.

5. She Has Trust Issues

She does not trust people, she might want to keep to herself because she has her fears and (deep) secrets that haunt her always. She has trust issues with allowing other individuals to know her innermost secrets for fear of how she may be viewed. So she will always put on defense mechanism that scares people off her to appear untouchable when she is really vulnerable.

Actually, she really wants to talk and share her fears and secrets, but if she told you she was different would you understand the difference? So she rather keeps to herself because she concluded you would not understand the difference.