The Major Functions Of Dating And The Problems Associated With It

The Major Functions Of Dating And The Problems Associated With It

Dating is a romantic relationship of two people meeting socially in assessing other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship. It has comes with its functions and challenges. Let’s look at its benefits and challenges that associate with it:


1. Recreation

Dating is fun, with the right partner: bowling, skiing together help both partner to get to know each other and experience what kind of fun to have together. The two loving hearts must be playmates, and this is one of the many things you will learn in dating.

2. Communication / Socialization

Socialization and communication is a vital part of any relationship, dating provides the chance to grow bond with your mates, dating will help you to socialize; talking to each other and as the relationship progresses, both parties will be able to open up more and more every conversation. Dating builds and help improves communication skill.

3. Support System

We cannot always be Mr. and Miss Independent forever, because we are emotional being, we feed and depend on another emotionally. Before you love your partner, you wanted to feel loved and be loved- if you can be honest enough to admit it. Dating gives you a shoulder to lean on, a voice when your very voice is cracked. Dating introduces to you a good support system that compliments and give you strength when you are weak.

The Major Functions Of Dating And The Problems Associated With It


1. Surviving Long Distance

The words ‘long distance relationship’ sends many people like me into a tizzy; knowing when next you will see each other, having an end game plan, having goals to look forward to keeps one out of the depressing limbo that often comes with long distance relationship are often what makes it impossible to sustain.

2. Adjusting To a Life of Two

There will come a time when you will consider moving in together, in the beginning it may not pose a problem to you, but you will soon feel concerned when it comes to your consciousness that you are not used to having a roommate, this change will take a toll effect on your personal life, adjusting to match up well with your partner is a tough task you never anticipate.

The Major Functions Of Dating And The Problems Associated With It

3. Financial Sacrifice

Your income will now be shared- it is no longer yours alone. You would want to show your partner that you are capable financially, at least to some extent. Income for one now becomes two, as day passes by, you will find reason to spend for one another. Thus, how to create a plan and going over your finances regularly to make sure you are on the same page is one sure thing that will give you worries.

There will be financial needs that will come in the way of your partner, you want to be responsible and thus find it hard to shy away from this responsibility when you can offer help

4. Time Sharing

Not everyone is ready to share and spend their time for others. Now that you are in a dating relationship, you must squeeze time out of your heavy schedules to attend to your partner’s emotional needs in texting, calling, and hangout as you hope to meet their needs. 

5. Emotional Blackout

Sometimes you will think, do I deserve my partner or does my partner deserve me? What if, after I open the door of my heart and they abuse my emotions. Loving someone has always come with risks. Everyone dreads heartbreak and pains that come with it. And there will not be heartbreak if you have not committed to someone.

The Major Functions Of Dating And The Problems Associated With It