These 5 Things Occurs After long time Trauma In Early Years

These 5 Things Occurs After long time Trauma In Early Years

Trauma is an emotional shock with long-lasting effects on the victim, it is a hell experience, no one wants to experience it twice. Despite that no man wants to experience the trauma that has occurred to them twice, they find themselves reliving it in a moment, again and again, and doing so, unconsciously. The effects will wind-up old scars and replay the ugly day(s) into their present lives, and prompt them to dwell in the shadow of past years, in this article you will read The 5 Things Occurs After long time Trauma In Early Years.

With emotional effects, come physical effects that characterize and label them as one who has experienced the darkest shock of their lives, it is so evident that it happens in their day to day life. An observant person will take note and identify one, the person could be him/her or a loved one.

1. Frequent Headache Visit And Revisit Them.

Adults that struggle from childhood trauma tend to suffer from  headache time to time, migraine. Dull head and blind head still put them in dilemma they do not want to remember. A picture or a word related to what happened to them in their early days of life will invoke a headache that would abort whatever they are doing at that particular time.

These 5 Things Occurs After long time Trauma In  Early Years

2. Over caution Characterizes Them.

They can be overly careful, this explains that the fear of the trauma they suffered in childhood still grips them and they are being terrified. Many a time, they are unsettled and restless, their face shows fear as they panick constantly. They are afraid even as they go about doing their things, they are afraid to walk, run and jump where it matters.

3. Things Fall Easily From Them

At the voice of a loud cry, whatever they hold falls, even at a loud footstep. They loose grip on things easily because of shock of the trauma they had many years ago, the unfateful incident that befell them is overwhelming them again, so they get scared easily and lose their balance. It happens that they sometimes fall unconsiously, better still, they found themselves leaning on a support often, not to lose their balance.

4. Their Best Place To Be Is The Place Of Solitude.

They want to be alone, they want to be left alone, they don’t flow with people and would always lock up [they keep to themselves]. They are never forthcoming, they are reluctant to give you answer to what you asked them, they appear strangers, even in a friendly environment. They want to be protected, they want to feel safe.

These 5 Things Occurs After long time Trauma In  Early Years

5. They Can Be Defensive

They could remember vividly how the whole trauma happened, they are afraid it will happen again, and would do anything to protect themselves against its reoccurence. They pick on things and people at slightest measures. Sometimes, as they think about old times, they reflect on many things they could have done better or avoid, so they compensate themselves from what happened many years ago by setting up confrontations with people, not letting down their guards and suspect everybody.

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Is this you, or do you have someone who exhibits the listed traits here? The person, whoever, needs help. The person in need needs emotional healing. Trauma gives its victim silent cry to nurture in lonely places and at dark nights, even as they grow older. Shockingly, they do not want to talk about it, and would rather suffer alone. Just one trauma is more than enough to ruin a beautiful life. However, a therapist can help reconstruct the bridges that connect the past and the present together, in some cases they help to burn the bridges of old that leads into the future, as the case may be, and gives a new and better life to the person.