Things Therapists Know About Narcissists That You Need To Know

2. They Are Weaker Than You

Even though narcissists appear as if nothing faze them, they are really brittle emotionally. They are afraid they will be left alone since their survival depends on others and not them. There is a statement they want to hear from you because they are in need of it – they are always in need. All what they do is to make you feel worthless while they run some values you do not see in yourself for themselves.

They spot on what they don’t have in you that you think you don’t have or that thing you don’t place value on it because you think it is nothing. They make you come to them and work on your mind and emotion to make you appear smaller than you really are and then have you work for them with your energies and abilities.

3. They Are I-Personified

Narcissists will set boundaries for you when it comes to your relationship with them but would not stop at anything to cross your lines. They have no mercy for their victim because they only think about themselves. They always think about what you can bring to the table while they think about how much more they can get from you.

4. They Don’t Survive If They Have A Taste Of Their Medicine

Narcissists would hardly survive if they are giving the taste of their medicine; what they hate most is to see others do unto them what they would love to do to others. Narcissists would almost suffer high blood pressure when you perform dark magic on them, they feel like this because they are used to the feeling. One of the ways to give a narcissist some cold feet is to always say less than necessary before them.

The less words you say, the more wary they become of you, and the less in control. They are afraid you are now using their weapon against them because one of the weapons in narcissist’s arsenal is impressing and intimidating others by saying less. You see, power is in many ways a game of appearance, and when you say less than necessary, you inevitably appear greater and more powerful than you are. The key is not to be silent; the key is to say less words than you used to say. Learning to keep them off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your few words and smiles is what they won’t see coming.