To The Girl Who Has Been Through a Lot

Maybe this is your story as a girl child too, perhaps you have been devalued and violated. In another case, maybe your story is a story of an orphan who lost her parent at a tender age or your parent can only offer little or no help to make life interesting for you. So you have been fighting through challenges of life alone and helplessly, feeling frustrated or walking dead. Time without numbers, you have suffered rejection and people you least expected have taken advantage of your helpless and unfortunate situation. Though you are alone in your situation, you are never alone in your experiences thus far.

Perhaps You Are Reading This And Going Through A Lot, Consider The Following Points:

Build a healthy self-esteem – Don’t feel bad because of discrimination. Sometimes, you might not stop discrimination from happening, you might not be able to help it. Accept yourself first if others will not be accepting you.

Be reminded that it is not your fault – Forgive yourself for whatever you are going through, even if you have reasons to beat yourself so hard for making some mistakes, embrace the truth that it is not entirely your fault. Some people and unpleasant situations have only taken advantage of you.

Don’t be afraid to dare the situation – Running away from your reality will only give you hiding and makes life difficult for you, and probably complicate the situations for you. The farther you run away the more you feel the pain and the weaker you become. Don’t run away from yourself, listen and attend to your situation. The pain you will experience when facing your reality is little compared to the pain that will linger on when you run away from your reality.

Get counsels – Find someone you can talk to (there will always be someone around you who will give you listening ears), seek counsels and wisdoms (never come to the conclusion that nobody would understand what you are going through, the truth of the matter is someone has been through what you are going through, perhaps they know someone who has been through what you are going through and they can help you with some words of wisdom and motivation that you will ever need).


Hope for a better situation – Don’t lose hope, believe in a better turnaround, your bitter feelings will wash away if you won’t give up.

Give life another chance – Be determined to rise again exactly where you have fallen, give the opposite sex another chance even if you have been betrayed by a man before. A man stole the joy, a man will restore the joy. Forgive life for dealing with you wrongly thus far, it will find a way to compensate you and you would be glad you didn’t lock up.

Lend your voice – When you must have successfully overcome your fears and pain, remember to be a voice to those without voice. Tell your story of survival and revival and instill a system of hope and new belief in people who are going through what you have been through. Doing this mean you are strengthening others who are feeling weak where you have once feel weak.