Toxic Coworkers: How To Deal With 7 Of The Most Dangerous Work Personalities

Toxic Coworkers: How To Deal With 7 Of The Most Dangerous Work Personalities

We meet people with different personalities daily. But meeting people is quite different from relating with them on a daily basis. In the work place and offices, people from different backgrounds and different beliefs come together. The differences in beliefs and ideas give rise to a lot of personalities in the workplace. This can cause a rift or a misunderstanding among coworkers. So here are seven of the most toxic or dangerous personalities in the workplace, and how to deal with them. 

The Gossip

This is common in every workplace. There is always someone who carries the latest news and gossip about everything and everyone, especially behind their backs and mostly rumors. These kind of personalities can get you in trouble for what they have done, but you can’t completely avoid them. However, you can get around your relationship with them and avoid getting into trouble in the following ways.

How to deal with them

First thing to note about the gossip is that they spread information and rumors about people just to get attention. Also know that they will not hesitate to tell other workers about you too when you are not there. You can remain on a cordial level with them by

  1. Avoid sharing personal information about your self with them
  2. Let them know from the onset that you do not entertain stories about others
  3. Caution them as soon as they begin to fall out of line with you
  4. As much as possible, mind your own business
Toxic Coworkers: How To Deal With 7 Of The Most Dangerous Work Personalities

The Victim

Besides the gossip, the victim is the other easy personality to spot out. You will recognize them by their constant complaint about doing the most work and not being appreciated for it.

How to deal with them

If you are not careful enough, they will suck you into their whirlpool of pity.

  1. Instead of being sympathetic, be empathic instead, letting them know that you understand how they feel
  2. Let them know that they alone can change the way they feel in the working environment and no one else
  3. Maintain the polite professional work relationship even when they try to get attached. This will prevent you from feeling sorry for them

The Critic

Known for their tendency to be highly critical of others and power-hungry, these personalities do not hide for long before being discovered. They may be in the lower positions or maybe members of the board, but this does not stop them from snapping at and constantly putting others down.

How to deal with them

  1. Applaud them for their keen observation of discrepancies, but also let them know that mistakes happen all the time
  2. Do not be tempted to match their tone, especially when their tone of voice is on the high side.
  3. As much as you can, stay away from them, do the things that are required of you and do them right, especially if they are your boss or superior.
Toxic Coworkers: How To Deal With 7 Of The Most Dangerous Work Personalities

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