What Did You See First?


This is a teaser that tests your intelligence and stimulates your intuition for the overall benefit of good and functioning mental intelligence. This visual personality test will contribute greatly and helps improve on your mental health in ways you don’t imagine.

We are all unique in our lights, while some will see one at the first sight, few will see three objects at a go. Though this happens, it does not mean the individuals that can see three objects at first sight are better than individuals that could only see one or two. It only reflects some truths about life and help us to know their different uniqueness – their unique personalities.

You don’t have to beat yourself hard if all you can see at first is one object only, don’t take it too personal should your friend tease you for that. It is all fun. Let me remind you again that it does not mean your friend or partner that sees more than one at a time is more intelligent than you. No! But you will get to know what is unique about you, and little things you can improve on, if you think you are lacking in some ways.

Now, let’s get to it – remember to laugh at yourself and laugh at the same time.