When To Illuminate Amber Light In Your Relationship

when to illuminate amber light in your relationship

The Amber light is the intermediate light in a set of three traffic lights. Other two are green and red. The amber light, which when illuminated indicates that drivers should stop short of the intersection. It is a moment of introspection and other consideration. At the beginning, it is more of pause than stop.

However, if deems fit save to do so, then it becomes a real stop that stop whatever you are going on with prematurely. In love and relationship affairs, there are times when you are required to illuminate amber light and to do away with gullibility. You should do this now to avoid doing that. Sometimes you end up in situations where you suspect the decision you made earlier as you are not quite sure if you have made the right decision while you still can correct it. Yes! It’s okay to feel this way … it’s safe to double check our actions and decisions.

There are moments to do this, even you can do this anytime – almost on the finishing line or in the middle of it.

1. Do You Know Your Partner?

Love as a feeling is never enough to see you through both in courtship and marriage.  There is a greater thing required of you after having affectionate feeling for your partner, it is to know your partner so well. Be to places together, be in moments together, encounter some seasons together, ask questions and refuse to be robbed by your emotion (what you feel for your partner).